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Appreciate their ancient culture!

From: Kasia Nowak

“When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy”, said Rumi, the 13th century Iranian poet known for his insight into the depths of a human soul. Tabrizi carpets are the reflection of joy and creativity that comes from the ancient knowledge of weaving which spans through generations and goes back to the Persian Empire, a superpower in 500 BC. Each carpet is the labour of love with no blueprints to follow but the weaver’s own imagination, the motifs of a tribe, or the reflection of the surroundings. For many months or years weavers work with a loom, tying yarn into knots of repetitive pattern, and transform the threads into what looks like a painting which mirrors their soul. When the carpets are ready they are passed on to unknown buyers whom the weavers will never meet. They are not forgotten. My carpets connect me with Persian weavers for many decades to come. I’m grateful to the Tabrisi family for letting me appreciate their ancient culture.

My sincere thanks to Mehrdad for helping me choose 4 carpets for my new apartment. It was not an easy task for me to select them out of hundreds of beautiful designs coming from a variety of Iranian regions, Egypt, and Afghanistan. I liked all of them! The rugs transformed my place into a home. Much appreciate it, Mehrdad.


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