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From: P. Moan

We purchased a beautiful hand-knotted punja rug from Tabrizi eleven months ago. The rug was punctured by the leg of a couch (how, we're not quite sure). We brought the rug back to Tabrizi several months later and the owner (Maher Ghazzawi) repaired the damage free of charge. At the time, we had also brought the rug back with the intent of removing pilling that had developed due to traffic. Maher explained that what we were seeing was a characteristic of the style of rug we'd purchased (punja) - and that there was not much that could be done. What I found telling (in a positive way) was that Maher suggested it might be possible to return the rug if we were not happy with it. I thanked him and said that we'd much prefer to hold on to the rug as it's unique design (slightly modern, colorful) was exactly what we had been looking for. The rug has been back in the house now for a few months and the pilling that started immediately after purchase has long since stopped. It's wearing great, looks fantastic, and fills the room with a barely noticable but delightful smell of wool.


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