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When I was seeking a retailer here that sold Persian Rugs, Tabrizi was my selection to visit.

From: Annette Bering

Hello. We are recently new to Nova Scotia and when I was seeking a retailer here that sold Persian Rugs, Tabrizi was my selection to visit. Earlier this week I made the trip from the Valley to Bedford and their location was very easy to find and I was delighted when we walked into the showroom to find such a vast selection of all types of rugs, particularly Tribal rugs of which I bought 3. My goal was to purchase one for the living room but there were so many wonderful choices I came home with 3. They are now placed down on the wooden floors on the main level of our house in their respective spots, living room, dining area, and sitting in front of the fire area and are so beautiful, and have enhanced our home big time.

My experience visiting with Maher and Jeffar was very eventful, we were served chai tea with sweets made by Maher plus treated to a wonderful lunch with Maher as our escort at the Lemon Tree down the road. Very unexpected and delightful hospitality. Thank you.

Back to the rugs, I had yet another lesson in Tribal rugs, the areas the originated from, these are handmade and the types of dyes used and various wonderful designs like "elephant feet" actually called Gull pattern, rich in deep reds. What I also appreciated was that the owner catered to all types of rug purchasers whether they preferred the Tribal, or Traditional, or Modern, or even the high end Silk rugs, which I would personally hang on the wall.

I will be returning to Tabrizi in a little while as I saw a couple more rugs that I hope will still be available but if not, I am confident there will be others I will adore to choose from.


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