Country: Turkey

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Large Rugs under $500

Pillow Case Rug & Rug Pillow Covers

Rug Size: Large Rugs (between 6' x 9' and 9' x 12')

Rug Size: Medium Sized Rugs (between 4' x 6' and 6' x 9')

Rug Size: Palace (Extra Large) Sized Rugs (9' x 12' and over)

Rug Size: Round & Oval Rugs

Rug Size: Runners for Hallways (Fixed Length)

Rug Size: Runners for Stairs (Custom Length)

Rug Size: Small Rugs (4' x 6' and under)

Rug Style: Chinese Rugs

Rug Style: Genuine Persian

Rug Style: Masterpieces & Signature Pieces

Rug Style: Modern & Contemporary Rugs

Rug Style: Traditional Rugs

Rug Style: Wall-Hanging Rugs

Rug Underlay & Rug Underpadding

Tapestry & Needle Point Rugs