Ardakan Rugs

These are our Ardakan rugs, named after the capital city of Ardakan County, Yazd Province in Iran. Ardakan is an area of Iran where carpets are produced with great simplicity. They are usually characterized by yellow dye from pomegranate and follow traditional Kashan patterns. Ardakan rugs are woven in the Yazd territory but are designed to be similar to Kashan rugs with slightly commercial grade than original Kashan. Weavers from Ardakan use a Persian asymmetrical knot. The designs are generally woven around a central medallion. Enjoy Tabrizi's hand-picked collection for Ardakan rugs. As always, we guarantee the best rug prices so you can buy Ardakan rugs online confidently. Can't find your perfect Ardakan rug here? Our designers can help, or, please visit us in store.

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