Vintage Kazak -Afghan - 9'10" x 12'1"

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Rug number: 50922

Size: 9'10" x 12'1"åÊ
Country: AfghanåÊ
Material: Fine Wool
Construction: Hand Knotted

Brown/ Green/åÊBlue

Kazak Rugs traditionally are made by nomadic people of Northern Caucasus mountains. However from mid 20th century rug weavers in central Afghanistan adopted the kazak pattern in their designs. These rugs are usually come with dominant geometric pattern and vibrant colours such as green, blue,red, ivory and tan. Many of the designs used in the rug are symbolic and have a special meaning to the people of that region. Kazaks are highly durable because of a very high quality wool used in them and are favored by antique collectors around the world. This is a delightful addition to a room with that features primitive, natural elements in the design.

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