Isfahan Rugs

These are our Isfahan rugs, named after the Iranian city of Isfahan. As one of the longest lasting centres of production for the famous Persian rugs, these are truly known for their quality. Some Isfahani rugs, commissioned by wealthy Polish noblemen and decorated with their coat of arms, have become known as "Polish rugs" or "Polonaise rugs". These are intricate one-of-a-kind pieces that are collectors items. The city of Isfahan is located in central Iran, and has a great importance in Persian history. Isfahan is one of world’s most famous art centers. As early as the sixteenth century, extremely valuable carpets were being woven there. Isfahan carpets are made with complex Persian designs. Isfahan is considered to be the world’s most refined rug producer with a great reputation. Enjoy Tabrizi's hand-picked collection for Isfahan rugs. As always, we guarantee the best rug prices so you can buy Isfahan rugs online confidently. Can't find your perfect Isfahan rug here? Our designers can help, or, please visit us in store.