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Machine Made Rugs

These rugs are constructed using the machine-made technique, meaning they are made by machine in a factory. Every weave is done tightly and accurately, and if well-maintained, a machine made rug will last you decades. The automation of the weaving process makes these rugs more affordable than the typical hand-made rug. These rugs are generally woven using Heat-set PP, which gives the fibres stability and higher volume. This collection is perfect for high-traffic areas and is very easy to clean. These rugs stand up to everyday wear and resist fading for beautiful color retention. Machine woven rugs provide affordable elegance at its best. Enjoy Tabrizi's hand-picked collection for machine made rugs. As always, we guarantee the best rug prices so you can buy machine-made rugs online confidently. Can't find your perfect machinemade rug here? Our designers can help. Many of these rugs are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, don't miss out!

Rug Construction Techniques: Everything You Need to Know

The main techniques and what they mean for a rug's feel & durability.

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