Qashqai Rugs

These are our Qashqai rugs, sometimes spelled Gashgai rug. Qashqai people come from a number of tribes, mostly from the southwestern region of Iran. The rugs and carpets of the Qashqai are similar in style to those of Shiraz, but the Qashqai product is of a much higher quality. The weave is usually fine and more importantly consistent. Typically geometric in style, often with motifs of stylized birds, animals, and flowers surrounding a diamond shaped central lozenge. The traditional colours are usually terracotta, red, madder, cream and blue. Enjoy Tabrizi's hand-picked collection for Qashqai rugs. As always, we guarantee the best rug prices so you can buy Qashqai rugs online confidently. Can't find your perfect Qashqai rug here? Our designers can help, or, please visit us in store.