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Torkman Rugs

These are our Torkman rugs. Torkman rugs, also known as Turkmen or Turkoman carpets, are handmade by the Turkmen tribes from Turkmenistan (Iran and Afghanistan). Traditionally they have been used for many purposes such as hanging on walls, doors, tents, and even using them as bags. The nomadic tribes that produce these Torkman rugs use locally sourced wool. They also use natural dyes from vegetable. Turkoman carpets are woven with geometric designs, which differ depending on the tribe from which the rug was woven. Usually the favourite thing that rug collectors like about Torkman rugs is the irregularities in the construction. They are all one of a kind and you will never find two Torkman rugs that are exactly the same. Enjoy Tabrizi's hand-picked collection for Torkman rugs. As always, we guarantee the best rug prices so you can buy Torkman rugs online confidently. Can't find your perfect Torkman rug here? Our designers can help. Many of these rugs are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, don't miss out!


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