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Classic & Traditional Rugs

Enrich the essence of your home with the elegance of our traditional rugs.

We've travelled the world and narrowed down these traditional rugs to the best combinations of quality, density, and value. These classics encapsulate our values - preserving history and sharing tradition. Our pride and joy lays within the finely woven knots of these timeless pieces.

Toysirkan Hand Knotted Rug 4'5" x 7'11"
Khalmohamadi Hand Knotted Rug 4'9" x 6'5"
Borchaloo Hand Knotted Rug 4'10" x 9'6"
Kashan Hand Knotted Rug 2'1" x 3'1"
Mashad Red Handmade Rug 9'8" x 13'1"
Mashad Red Handmade Rug 9'8" x 13'1"

$3,998.00nonce $5,998.00

Kazak Hand Knotted Rug 2'8" x 4'1"
Ekat Rust Hand Knotted Rug 5'0" x 7'10"
Ekat Rust Hand Knotted Rug 5'0" x 7'10"

$1,174.00nonce $2,498.00

Hamadan Hand Knotted Rug 2'6" x 4'2"
Monir Blue Round Woven Rug 4'6" x 4'6"
Khalmohamadi Hand Knotted Rug 6'8" x 9'6"
Super Kazak Hand Knotted Rug 3'3" x 4'11"

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