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Our Favourite Fall Decorating Ideas

5 simple ways to transform your house for the season

When the leaves begin to fall, it's time to start considering fresh fall decor for the house. You can feel autumn getting closer by the way the air feels, and to embrace the fall, it’s great to have décor that goes with it so that it expresses coziness all throughout the season.

We're going to give you some great ideas for fall home decor here, so you can bring some life to your rooms. Use these tips to fill your house with coziness, warmth, and lovely layers.

1. Considering Fall Tones

Since it's autumn, we can observe the warm hues of the dried leaves and the breathtaking scenery that highlight how lovely this season is. There are colours that create a peaceful and serene feeling, such as yellows and oranges, browns, and beige.

A contemporary space could also get the colors of fall just like what you can see here. A neutral grey rug matched with a pretty yellow sofa like this could be perfect for your living room. The color sure showcases the beauty of fall, especially when paired with the warm hues of chunky knit ottoman, throw blanket, pumpkins and fall wreaths on the walls.

Featured Rug: PYR1 Charcoal Braided Round Rug 


2. Decorating with pumpkins

The fact that pumpkins are closely tied with the fall season means that they are frequently easily available, which is one of their biggest benefits. They are also more of a do-it-yourself effort and are affordable. The orange-colored pumpkin could be used in a white space to create a neutral atmosphere. Additionally, you can paint the pumpkins any colour that matches the hue of the living room. The pumpkins can also be surrounded by other decorations, which are frequently available in a variety of colours. The neutral braided oval rug in this room sets the stage for the pumpkins to shine. Without the pumpkins and the flowers, this place will have a minimal look with white and wood.

Featured Rug: PYR1 Ivory Braided Oval Rug


3. Warm tones in furniture create a beautiful fall living room

Although red, yellow, and orange are the typical fall colours, there are still a lot of warm alternative fall living room décor ideas accessible. For example, one of the most popular fall colours is rust; it's strong without being overwhelming and adds a lot of warmth to any room.

Furniture in rust is a sophisticated choice for any home - it will warm up the areas and make them cosier. For neutral or colourful interiors, rust-colored rugs, seats, armchairs, sofas, beds, and ottomans work well.

This modern rug highlights the rust hues in the decor, and certainly highlights the glory of fall especially when paired with dark grey throw blanket.

Featured Rug: Loom Urban Grey Hand Woven Rug


 4. Adding some fall-themed throw pillows to your rooms

An easy option to decorate for fall is to add some throw pillows with fall-themed designs to your couch! Throw pillows come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. Whether you put them on your bed, in a chair, or all over the floor, earthy-colored and plush-textured pillows will go well with your autumnal decor and offer your room a cosy, warm atmosphere. The sand colored handmade rug ties these fall-themed colors together perfectly.

Who could resist falling in love with a bedroom that is as cosy and seasonal as this one?

Featured Rug: Nordique Reversible Sand Handmade Rug


5. Lay down a kilim rug for your entrance

Despite being the first area guests view, entryways are frequently overlooked when it comes to decorating. Rugs are, of course, a terrific way to instantly add interest to this space. They provide you with the chance to experiment with pattern, texture, and colour. Rugs also offer a smooth, welcoming landing when entering a house.

A kilim runner rug in the entrance warms it up and can create the home's fall colour scheme. The rug adds a layer of warmth here but also it pulls together a lovely fall color palette.

A colorful kilim runner in this entryway as well as the pretty mint green of the wall may be enough to get a subtle fall touch. But those pumpkins could actually say it all!

Featured Rug: Maimana Kilim Hand Woven Runner Rug


We hope you liked our favourite fall decorating ideas. Will you prepare your home for the fall? Which concept did you prefer? Do you want to share any? Tell us in the comments section below!


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