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Super helpful!

From: Ben B.
Has anyone ever had fun or easy breezy success when shopping for area rugs? No. Not a single person in the history of time. This is simply one of those great big truths of the world: once you know what you want, you will never ever see it in a store ever again no matter how many times you stumbled across it before.

It was in this state that I arrived at Tabrizi - a shop I had driven by at least twice a day for two straight years without ever having stopped in. We just redid our living room and need an area rug to be the crowning glory that pulls it all together. After revisiting all of my previous haunts, I figured I'd go right to the source.

Tabrizi doesn't look like much from the street and, to be honest, it doesn't have much of a boutique feel once you're inside either. But, if you're looking for rugs, you'll find them here. Every wall is covered with hanging racks, the floor is covered in piles of rugs stacked by the dozen, and there are even rolled up ones leaning in every corner. It was a little staggering, to be honest.

A gentleman was happy to give me the lay of the land, pointing me in the direction of their small modern collection, and I'm sure he would have been able to be a huge help if I was looking for something more classic like the bulk of their stock. There were some close contenders but ultimately I left empty handed. He did mention that they have a pretty sweet refund policy so that folks are able to bring a rug home for a substantial time period to see if it works - super helpful!


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