Bakhtiar - 6'11" x 10'4" (212cm x 315cm)

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Rug number: 48017

Size: 6'11" x 10'4" (212cm x 315cm)
Country: Iran
Material: Wool
Construction: Hand-knotted
Colour: Burgundy

This is one of the fine and unique Bakhtiari Rug. Bakhtiari's are one of the most ancient and well known Persian tribes and today there are nearly two hundred villages producing rugs in their traditional colours and designs. They are the Persian people of nomadic origin. 
Persian rugs are an essential part of Persian art and culture. Traditionally, from the yarn fiber to the colors, every part of the Persian carpet is handmade from mostly natural ingredients over the course of many months. Lots of skill is required to make this rugs. This will stand up to everyday wear and its easy to care for.

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