Clearance Rack

Discover unbeatable prices on high-quality rugs in our Clearance Rack—an ideal destination for savvy shoppers. Our deeply-discounted collection spans various styles, designs, and materials, all moved to clearance with prices slashed by over 60%. Quantities are limited.

Whether you prefer the timeless allure of traditional hand-knotted wool rugs or the modern appeal of synthetic options, our clearance rack caters to diverse tastes and decor preferences. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect rug for your needs. Our clearance rack includes a mix of overstock items, discontinued designs, and seasonal promotions, offering unique rugs at great discounts. At Tabrizi's, we are committed to providing the highest quality rugs at the best prices. Don't miss out on these amazing deals—act fast as our clearance rugs are available for a limited time and in limited quantities.

Check back regularly as our clearance collection is updated with new arrivals, ensuring you always find a stylish, high-quality rug at an unbeatable price.

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  1. As low as US$745.52 Regular Price US$1,922.52 61% off
  2. As low as US$372.74 Regular Price US$960.52 61% off
  3. As low as US$343.00 Regular Price US$960.52 64% off
  4. As low as US$220.52 Regular Price US$590.52 63% off
  5. As low as US$156.42 Regular Price US$442.52 65% off
  6. As low as US$1,034.52 Regular Price US$2,958.52 65% off
  7. As low as US$2,958.52 Regular Price US$7,398.52 60% off
  8. As low as US$370.00 Regular Price US$1,478.52 75% off
  9. As low as US$263.37 Regular Price US$738.52 64% off
  10. As low as US$1,027.12 Regular Price US$2,958.52 65% off
  11. As low as US$1,774.52 Regular Price US$4,438.52 60% off
  12. As low as US$294.52 Regular Price US$886.52 67% off
  13. As low as US$595.80 Regular Price US$2,662.52 78% off
  14. As low as US$116.68 Regular Price US$368.52 68% off
  15. As low as US$146.52 Regular Price US$442.52 67% off
  16. As low as US$1,182.52 Regular Price US$2,958.52 60% off
  17. As low as US$52.28 Regular Price US$220.52 76% off
  18. As low as US$109.52 Regular Price US$294.52 63% off
  19. As low as US$370.33 Regular Price US$960.52 61% off
  20. As low as US$51.41 Regular Price US$220.52 77% off
  21. As low as US$294.52 Regular Price US$738.52 60% off
  22. As low as US$378.86 Regular Price US$960.52 61% off
  23. As low as US$59.25 Regular Price US$220.52 73% off
  24. As low as US$58.28 Regular Price US$220.52 74% off