Custom Size Rugs

Discover our collection of custom size rugs, offering a tailored solution for those seeking a rug that fits their specific requirements. These rugs can be customized to any size, ensuring a perfect fit for any room in your home—be it a large living room or a small entryway, as a runner, square, or oval.

At Tabrizi's, we collaborate with our customers to craft the perfect custom size rug that suits their needs. With a diverse range of styles, designs, and materials, you'll find the ideal rug to complement your decor and reflect your personal style. Explore our collection and choose the perfect rug that's uniquely yours.

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  1. As low as US$590.52 Regular Price US$1,108.52 47% off
  2. As low as US$960.52 Regular Price US$1,330.52 28% off
  3. As low as US$442.52 Regular Price US$738.52 40% off
  4. As low as US$76.33 Regular Price US$220.52 65% off
  5. As low as US$590.52
  6. As low as US$2,347.41 Regular Price US$4,438.52 47% off
  7. As low as US$676.12 Regular Price US$1,330.52 49% off
  8. As low as US$4,216.52 Regular Price US$7,398.52 43% off
  9. As low as US$499.50 Regular Price US$1,108.52 55% off
  10. As low as US$590.52
  11. As low as US$220.52 Regular Price US$294.52 25% off
  12. As low as US$213.12 Regular Price US$442.52 52% off
  13. As low as US$1,252.46 Regular Price US$2,218.52 44% off
  14. As low as US$974.76 Regular Price US$1,922.52 49% off
  15. As low as US$960.52
  16. As low as US$54.87 Regular Price US$220.52 75% off
  17. As low as US$72.52 Regular Price US$146.52 51% off
  18. As low as US$220.52 Regular Price US$442.52 50% off
  19. As low as US$516.52 Regular Price US$738.52 30% off
  20. As low as US$923.52 Regular Price US$1,922.52 52% off
  21. As low as US$205.72 Regular Price US$442.52 54% off
  22. As low as US$146.52 Regular Price US$294.52 50% off
  23. As low as US$65.12 Regular Price US$139.12 53% off
  24. As low as US$368.52 Regular Price US$590.52 38% off

Choosing the right rug size

We've prepared a handy guide on selecting the best rug size for your room's layout.