Medium Spaces (Rugs 4' x 6' to 6' x 9')

Explore our collection of medium-sized rugs, carefully curated to complement any room in your home.

Choosing the right rug involves considering the size of the room and furniture arrangement. Our medium-sized rugs, ranging from 4' x 6' to 6' x 9', strike the perfect balance. Ideal for small living rooms, bedrooms, recreational spaces, and more, these rugs add harmony and definition to your room's design. Placed under a coffee table, in front of a bed, or in common areas, these sizes effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your space.

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  4. As low as US$590.52 Regular Price US$1,182.52 50% off
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  6. As low as US$590.52 Regular Price US$738.52 20% off
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  8. As low as US$442.52 Regular Price US$664.52 33% off
  9. As low as US$368.52 Regular Price US$738.52 50% off
  10. As low as US$72.52 Regular Price US$109.52 34% off
  11. As low as US$1,372.62 Regular Price US$2,662.52 48% off
  12. As low as US$294.52 Regular Price US$590.52 50% off
  13. As low as US$109.52 Regular Price US$220.52 50% off
  14. As low as US$479.52 Regular Price US$1,182.52 59% off
  15. As low as US$738.52 Regular Price US$1,478.52 50% off
  16. As low as US$257.52 Regular Price US$516.52 50% off
  17. As low as US$516.52 Regular Price US$960.52 46% off
  18. As low as US$35.52 Regular Price US$72.52 51% off
  19. As low as US$656.96 Regular Price US$1,330.52 51% off
  20. As low as US$368.52 Regular Price US$590.52 38% off
  21. As low as US$220.52 Regular Price US$331.52 33% off
  22. As low as US$2,958.52 Regular Price US$4,438.52 33% off

Choosing the right rug size

We've prepared a handy guide on selecting the best rug size for your room's layout.