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Decorating Your Home With A Killim Rug

How To Decorate Your Home with Kilim Rugs! 5 Easy tips for you..

Winter is just around the corner, and you'll be spending a lot more time indoors. If you're looking to give your home a refresh, pick a Kilim rug, This colorful and creative rug adds texture to your home and can really style a space making it look amazing..


1. Make your Entryway amazing

If you have a long hallway or entryway, style it up with a Kilim Runner Rug. Pick a really colorful print and make a contrast between it and neutral furniture. Add also a big green plants for a dreamy space.


2. Create a new area in your home

These kinds of rugs really help you separate a certain area of a room. So in space like the living room pick a kilim rug to separate the dining area from the sitting area or in a bedroom to separate your clothes from your bed.


3. Create a colorful kitchen

In a rustic and cozy kitchen you can add a kilim rug to spice up the space. Math it with colorful plates and glasses or just put it in contrast with minimal furniture. By choosing a kitchen rug in a color that contrasts with the color that dominates the kitchen, you can create a wonderful decoration with contrasting colors and provide an attractive appearance to the kitchen.


 4. Hang it on the wall

An exotic solution for your dreamy home is hanging a kilim rug on your wall next to your bed or sofa. Another styling solution is hanging a kilim rug on a hallway and add in front of it a dreamy bench and some pretty plants.



5. Make your bedroom dreamy

If you want your bedroom looking colorful and cozy, add a beautiful kilim rug. It goes great in a minimal bedroom, a Californian one or in a bohemian one. You will love the result!


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