About Our Rugs

Every happy home deserves a quality rug.

These are the values that made Tabrizi Rugs a household name.

1. Quality First

Every rug we select is intended to last for generations.

From the construction technique, to the material, to the knot density, we hold a high standard for each of our rugs - at all price points.

Our entire selection is curated by traveling the world and hand-selecting the pieces that we believe meet this standard.

The main criteria is heirloom quality.

2. Timeless Elegance

Persian rugs made Tabrizi a household name. In a way, we owe our company to the ancient designers.

Most designs that we sell aren’t new - they’ve been tried, tested, and loved for thousands of years.

Whether floral, geometric, or even modern & minimal, we believe that every rug design should follow this philosophy of providing timeless elegance.

3. Sustainability Is The Only Way

Only by partnering with ethical weavers have we been able to maintain happy relationships with our manufacturers.

Sustainability matters to them, to us, and to you.

In order for a rug to end up in a happy home, it needs to start with a happy weaver.

From the villages to Iran to the weaving centers in Turkey - we make sure only to work with weavers with sustainable practices.

We’re also proud to offer rugs made with natural materials.

4. Directly Imported For Lower Prices

Buying Persian, Turkish, Afghan, and Indian rugs often means sky-high prices.

After wholesale costs & agent fees, some retailers have no choice but to charge an arm and a leg. It’s hard to see, under the guise of luxury.

We’re proud to be a direct importer of our rugs.

Our rugs are woven, rolled, and shipped by container-load to the ports of Halifax, Nova Scotia - the home of our showroom and warehouse.

By removing the middleman, we’re able to pass the savings on to you.

No one likes unnecessarily high markups. When it comes to our rugs, we’ve already negotiated for you.

A Legacy Crafted by Jeff Tabrizi

Jeff Tabrizi

Meet Jeff Tabrizi, the visionary behind Tabrizi Rugs. With over three decades of experience, each rug bears his personal standard of excellence. "No matter the rug, it must meet my standards," he insists. When you choose a Tabrizi rug, you invest in a legacy of craftsmanship honed over time.

Trusted Excellence

Since 1992, Tabrizi Rugs has stood as an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau, embodying the highest standards of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction. Accredited and committed, we continue to uphold our promise of delivering exceptional rugs that grace your spaces with enduring beauty.
Tabrizi Oriental Rugs & Carpets BBB accredited business profile