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Beautiful people.. amazing service and I love my carpets!
Viv Z. | Verified Buyer
June 18, 2024
I love the enormous selection - the best in Nova Scotia - and well as their deep knowledge of carpets from artisans around the world.
Jessica K | Verified Buyer
June 18, 2024
This special rug store is an unbeatable experience and is one of a kind. The selection is insane and they have over 7,000 different rugs. I purchased few rugs for my house and I can’t tell you the feel every time that I walk with bare toes on the rugs. I can’t recommend this place enough. It will take you back 3000 years.
Samuel R | Verified Buyer
June 18, 2024
Absolutely amazing place. Endless selection, and the customer service is impeccable. We will only be shopping here for our rugs :) xx
Rebecca C | Verified Buyer
June 18, 2024
Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable
Linda N | Verified Buyer
June 5, 2024
Sorry, but I can't sign in with google and don't use facebook. Just to let you know, I couldn't be more happier with your service and the rug I picked. It was perfect. Very good quality.
Christine H. | Verified Buyer
May 20, 2024
Our beautiful rug arrived safely. It is now in its temporary home for the next two weeks. We are moving to a new and larger space during the late summer and my husband and I can’t wait to see it in its full glory. We did put it down to have a good look at it and love it. We will definitely enjoy it
Inge| Verified Buyer
April 20, 2024
Ryan and Shahin are absolutely fabulous! So knowledgeable and helpful. It was a joy to spend time with them. I highly recommend Tabrizi!
Katie D | Verified Buyer
April 17, 2024
Amazing experience at tabrizi! Everyone was very friendly, and knowledgeable about the products. Some of the nicest rugs I have ever seen! Highly recommend
Greg B | Verified Buyer
April 2, 2024
Tabrizi Rugs has an incredible selection of beautiful, high-quality rugs. They are truly works of art. Lots of great salespeople to help you. Highly recommend buying your rugs here!
HeatherA. | Verified Buyer
March 19, 2024
Was great to get in a truly authentic carpet store. Staff was so pleasant and helpful. Loved my experience there and recommend it to anyone. And love my carpets too!
Susan R | Verified Buyer
March 3, 2024
I am absolutely thrilled with my new beautiful rug. Your fulfillment of the order and delivery were so fast and the online catalogue and ordering clear and simple. Thank you so so much. I really can't stop admiring this rug, now on my living room floor. And it's a great price at 48% off for excellent quality. I'll be back. Many thanks again and all the best! I'm very happy to have been your customer.
Rosie R | Verified Buyer
February 26, 2024
Maher Ghazzawi & Tabrizi Group were most professional & helpful during our visit. With their kind assistance we found what we were looking for at the right price. Tabrizi are the right folks to visit when buying a rug.
Roy P.| Verified Buyer
February 20, 2024
First visit two days ago. Ample parking out front. Stunning spectrum of rugs across styles, sizes and budgets. NO PRESSURE exerted by welcoming, professional and knowledgeable staff. After asking us a few questions and showing us some examples Ryan skillfully narrowed the field for us, even popping out back to check on other size/colour options. The whole team clearly work well together to simplify our experience. We came home with the perfect rug for our den for much less than we had anticipated, so didn’t need to use their generous return policy. We’ll be back, and appreciate Tabrizi’s excellent customer service!
Kevin B. | Verified Buyer
January 31, 2024
Mr. Jafar Tabrizi, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you have provided. Your man, Ryan Sulley, has done a wonderful job in getting my rugs fitted and placed throughout my apartment. He was a delight to be with and we had a very good time working out all the placements together. I am very proud of the carpets/rugs you helped me purchase, and I’m sure that from one week to the next I will change my “favourite”, since all of them have their own characteristics which become more and more apparent to me as I walk over them. Ryan confessed that he loves to vacuum rugs, as indeed so do I, so I let him do one section of the Mashad Mahfelat rug and I spent 30minutes finishing off the rest of it this afternoon, after he had left.!! Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with these beautiful rugs. I shall always treasure the time I spent with you when we selected them and each and every day remaining to me in appreciating them all.
James F. | Verified Buyer
February 2, 2024
Makes our dining room feel complete!
Dave | Verified Buyer
January 23, 2024
Hello! Thought I would share a pic of our DIY rug ottoman. Thank you for helping me pick the perfect rug which adds a nice pop of color to our room.
Jill G. | Verified Buyer
January 16, 2024
I am very pleased with my handmade rug! I was hesitant due to my lack of knowledge about rugs, but Shahin and his team were extremely helpful and patient with me. In the end, I left with a beautiful rug at a great deal. I am very thankful and will continue to source my rugs at their store.
Brittany A | Verified Buyer
January 9, 2024
Everyone is loving the new rug! Thank you for all your help!
Erin C. | Verified Buyer
December 31, 2023
Here is my pic. Not complete yet but rug looks great!
Karen O. | Verified Buyer
January 1, 2024
Thank you. I am very pleased with my selections and with the service I received.
Karen O. | Verified Buyer
December 21, 2023
Great family run business. They did a pro job cleaning a pet-damaged white wool rug I brought in. While there, the rugs in store were so beautiful I ended up buying one on the spot. Getting it home the colour didn’t fit, and Tabrizi let me make a return with no questions, then helped pick a different rug that is really perfect.
Jeff L.| Verified Buyer
December 21, 2023
Thank you so much. We love the new rugs.
Erin C. | Verified Buyer
December 3, 2023
I love my rug. Thank you so much.
Hellen C. | Verified Buyer
November 21, 2023
Thanks for the help! Room is nearly done but wanted to share how great these pieces look. Just wow.
Matthew B | Verified Buyer
November 7, 2023
This is a beautiful shop staffed by kind and wonderful people. The selection is diverse and delightful to the eyes. It is a place worth visiting again and again.
P.E Calico | Verified Buyer
November 1, 2023
Amazing behaviour and the quality of rug is outstanding , would like to buy more from them without a single hesitation.
Nusrat J. | Verified Buyer
November 1, 2023
What a gem of a store to have in Halifax! Great selection of high quality rugs and customer service is really top notch. We saw the rug we wanted and asked to put it on hold so that we could confirm the size would work for our space- Shahin held it for us longer than expected and allowed us to have the perfect rug for our room. We will definitely be back!
Jessica W. | Verified Buyer
October 18, 2023
Great rugs, friendly knowledgeable staff, great prices. We have searched their rugs online three times, then gone to the store to see the rugs in person. All three times we purchased the rugs. We have a total of 5 rugs from Tabrizi Rugs in our home and couldn’t be happier with them. They offer carpet cleaning as well.
Peter G. | Verified Buyer
September 6, 2023
Tabrizi rugs is the only place to buy a rug - friendly, helpful and kind with quality products at fair prices.
Blois C. | Verified Buyer
August 23, 2023
Bought another rug from this store because the first one was so beautiful. The second purchase was over the phone and Shahin was amazing to work with, sending me pictures and listening carefully to what I was looking for. Very pleased with both my rugs. Highly recommend.
N Millet | Verified Buyer
August 23, 2023
I just want to say you are amazing at what you do. Superb taste and an amazing selection. Thanks a lot, love the rug! Let me know when you get some more 6’ round rugs in.
Michelle P.| Verified Buyer
August 12, 2023
Beautiful rugs. Online purchase and delivery was seamless. Even during the Christmas holidays. Thank you!!
Elaine M. | Verified Buyer
January 11, 2023
Hello. We are recently new to Nova Scotia and when I was seeking a retailer here that sold Persian Rugs, Tabrizi was my selection to visit. Earlier this week I made the trip from the Valley to Bedford and their location was very easy to find and I was delighted when we walked into the showroom to find such a vast selection of all types of rugs, particularly Tribal rugs of which I bought 3. My goal was to purchase one for the living room but there were so many wonderful choices I came home with 3. They are now placed down on the wooden floors on the main level of our house in their respective spots, living room, dining area, and sitting in front of the fire area and are so beautiful, and have enhanced our home big time.My experience visiting with Maher and Jeffar was very eventful, we were served chai tea with sweets made by Maher plus treated to a wonderful lunch with Maher as our escort at the Lemon Tree down the road. Very unexpected and delightful hospitality. Thank you.Back to the rugs, I had yet another lesson in Tribal rugs, the areas the originated from, these are handmade and the types of dyes used and various wonderful designs like elephant feet actually called Gull pattern, rich in deep reds. What I also appreciated was that the owner catered to all types of rug purchasers whether they preferred the Tribal, or Traditional, or Modern, or even the high end Silk rugs, which I would personally hang on the wall.I will be returning to Tabrizi in a little while as I saw a couple more rugs that I hope will still be available but if not, I am confident there will be others I will adore to choose from.
Annette B. | Verified Buyer
October 20, 2020
Jafar, Remember the 1st time we visited you in your newly open shop in Dartmouth many years ago. You still remember that day as well and in some cases, better than we do. We have returned many times to your location, now in Bedford and this is where we purchase our rugs and carpets due to the service, knowledge and understanding off our wants. The quality of the carpets and rugs have always been and continue to be the best. Many thanks for your attention to our needs.
Don and | Verified Buyer
October 22, 2020
It is difficult to imagine that I lived in Halifax for 25 years and had not entered this store until this past month. This was by far one of the very best shopping experiences I have had since moving here. Jeff, Maher, and the whole team were friendly, helpful, patient and very knowledgeable. Several people have already expressed the view that if you are looking for an area rug, go no further than Tabrizi Rugs. Indeed, this is THE PLACE to find one that will fit your style, your budget and your needs. The staff take time to learn what you are looking for, what your space is like, and how to best assist in helping you to make a good decisionthe one that is right for you. They make this store a shoppers paradise. I wish I had a bigger place to live just so I could purchase more of their beautiful, quality works of art!! All of them are sincere in their desire to sell you the rug that is right for you and as far as I am concerned, there really is no need to go elsewhere.They are exemplary!!
Ann M. | Verified Buyer
October 23, 2020
From the minute my wife and I walked through the door we had a great experience. Maher was very inviting and helpful and even though we were looking for a bit of an odd size he did not give up and we eventually found exactly what we were looking for. To say that Maher is knowledgeable would be a huge understatement. I never thought I would say something like this but buying an area rug was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. We will definetly be coming back!
Michael P. | Verified Buyer
October 28, 2020
Tabrizi\'s store is one of a kind rug store in Canada with so many beautiful rugs! It is the place to go for quality rugs and first class service. while our visit in beutiful Nova Scotia We stopped at Tabrizi. wow, what a wonderful experience . Varieties of rugs with selection of style, color, designs and history that are well-made with high quality. They have a huge selection spanning from anything you would want in every size. You definitely can find a rug that matches your taste. Salesmen are very friendly and passionate. They patiently walk you through the carpets. They consulted on colors/size/design and were very knowledgeable and helpful. This store is absolutely beautiful! Natural light, and gorgeous rugs hanging on the wall. I would like to spent hours in the store and know more about the history of these rugs. I seriously doubt there\'s another rug dealer in Canada with as good combination of service, inventory, and price.
Maryam | Verified Buyer
November 1, 2020
Yesterday, I purchased my third rug from Tabrizi. Walking into the store is a dream, so much to choose from, so many beautiful rugs! And the service is great! We have three young boys and they\'ve spilled a lot on the rugs but we can always easily clean them. They still look brand new even after two years! I\'m a bit obsessed, and honestly anyone who walks into my home comments on our beautiful carpets. It\'s so amazing that so much exoticness is right here in Bedford. I see these rugs as art that will be passed down to my boys and their families. :)
Amie C. | Verified Buyer
November 4, 2020
Tabrizi Rugs is truly the best place in the Maritimes to purchase rugs! Maher, The Rugologist was a pleasure to deal with. Maher is an example of examplary customer service. What a delight! The selection and quality of rugs is outstanding. Thank you for helping us find the perfect choices.
Alison M. | Verified Buyer
November 6, 2020
Being new to the area, I was unaware of Tabrizi on Bedford Highway. A friend of mine recommended checking out the rugs at this location to match a very odd color from our bedroom comforter. I cannot be any more impressed with the knowledge, friendliness, and fair prices at this successful business. I was treated like a valued customer, even if I wasn\'t\' looking to buy a $1000. rug. There is absolutely no reason to shop around for rugs anywhere in HRM....cause all you\'re looking for is right inside! Highly recommended!
Rhonda | Verified Buyer
November 7, 2020
Visited Tabrizi last week just to look, purchased a rug. I had purchased two rugs previously, maybe ten years ago, still on my floor and I still love them. Wonderful service, knowledgeable staff and an overall wonderful experience. Thank you.
Linda R. | Verified Buyer
November 12, 2020
The moment that we walked into the store, we were greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable rugologist by the name of Maher. It was clear that he has a passion for rugs and their histories. He took the time to get to know our tastes and showed us many rugs until we selected the ideal one for us. It was the most entertaining and enjoyable rug shopping experience we\'ve ever had! We will definitely return for our next rug purchase. Thank you Maher - you made our day!
Mark & | Verified Buyer
November 16, 2020
Walking into the Tabrizi store in Bedford, NS was like walking into Disneyland for carpets. The sales people were very helpful, the gentleman who serviced me, Mr. Maher Ghazzawi, was knowledgeable and professional. He showed me several carpets and with his help and patience I was able to select one that looks lovely in our home. I will definitely go back. Thank you Maher.
Doris D. | Verified Buyer
November 19, 2020
Tabrizi Carpets is phenomenal. Amir Tabrizi is a sales person beyond compare. He patiently led us through several visits to the Bedford store and we reached a very successful and satisfying conclusion in purchasing a living-room carpet. Amir\'s patience and inventory knowledge was astounding! Thanx, Amir! Craig and Marylee
Craig Fry | Verified Buyer
November 21, 2020
All other retailers involved in carpet/rugs should just give it up. Tabrizi Rugs is the go-to. Variety , selection, size; they have it all. Great sales knowledge and my time was not wasted. Walked out with my vision. Would DEFINATELY pass on recommendation.
Linda | Verified Buyer
November 22, 2020
I have purchased rugs from Tabrizi Rugs over many years and my latest experience was as professional and enjoyable, as always. It is such a pleasure to spend time in this store and be shown the beautiful rugs by the patient and knowledgeable staff. On this most recent occasion I was assisted by Amir who answered all of my many questions and helped me find the right rug for my home..........and it is a beauty! I really can\'t imagine purchasing a carpet anywhere else in Nova Scotia. The collection is outstanding and their customer service is first rate.
Barbara | Verified Buyer
November 27, 2020
It\'s been very rewarding shopping at Tabrizi in Bedford . Mahar is a man of soul and that translates into the carpets he has helped us choose. We liked our first purchase so much we would not consider going anywhere else for such an important item. By now we have purchased 4 rugs over a period of 2 years and each occasion has been an enjoyable experience. Mahar does not hurry his customers. We appreciate such service.
Karen M. | Verified Buyer
December 1, 2020
On Saturday we visited the store in need of a new rug for our living room floor. Maher G who greeted us warmly and spent ttime asking for information on the style and colour of our furniture. After showing us only a few rugs, getting a good idea of our taste, he immediately went to one and said I have your rug. He was right. It is gorgeous and within the price range we had wanted. We did not feel pressured but were treated professionally and as valued customers. Everyone loves our rug and our room is so much cosier than before. THANK YOU. Marcia and Terry Shaw Halifax
Marcia and | Verified Buyer
December 4, 2020
While recently out shopping for area rugs we stopped into your store in Bedford and we were so impressed with the customer service that we received from Maher as well as the impressive selection of rugs that we purchased 2 rugs. Maher was very knowledgeable and friendly and went out of his way to help us find the area rugs that suited our rooms perfectly. We would definitely visit your store again for future rug purchases.
Jill J. | Verified Buyer
December 6, 2020
We\'ve made several purchases at Tabrizi in Bedford and have nothing but good things to say about the quality of the product and the great service. The staff are helpful, knowledgeable and I must say have amazing memories, immediately recalling a purchase we made nearly two years ago and helping to co-ordinate it with a new acquisition. Highly recommend Tabrizi to anyone wanting fine quality at a good price with complete customer support. Dan and Leila
Dan T. | Verified Buyer
December 7, 2020
This was the second time I have purchased flooring from tabrizi. On each occasion I have had excellent advice and service from mr. Maher, he makes the shopping experience memorable and fun, something I rarely encounter. He takes the time to listen and despite wanting to see the rug on the very bottom of the pile remains cheerful and encouraging! I would strongly recommend anyone in search of a rug to go to tabrizi and see their amazing selection.
Jackie H. | Verified Buyer
December 12, 2020
I visited Tabrizi last week looking for a rug, I was blown away with the customer service I was given. Maher G, he went out of his way to make sure I had all my questions answered and took the time to look at different rugs with me. I wan\'t sure on the one I picked as to whether it would go with my decor, he allowed me to take it home and try it and if I wasn\'t satisfied I could return it, he wanted me to experience the different lighting the rug would take on in the day time and evening as they take on a different look in the evening and he wanted to make sure i was happy with my purchase. Needless to say I was extremely happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a rug to be sure to check these guys out,,,,you will not regret it, they are very knowledgeable about all rugs they sell..
Carolyn B. | Verified Buyer
December 16, 2020
This is the second purchase that I made at the Bedford store. The first was a simple runner and I had enjoyed dealing with Maher and Jeff. I was looking for an eight foot by ten foot area rug for my latest purchase and had my wife with me. Our tastes differ and so what we were looking for was a rug that we both liked. Maher is a people person and went through his stock, in the size we were looking for pointing out how he thought that each piece would fit in with our decor. We had brought in a picture of the area and had described the drapes, etc. We ended up buying a handmade gold and black rug that we both loved and for what I believe is a great price. I would not hesitate to recommend Tabrizi for your carpet needs.
Lionel D. | Verified Buyer
December 19, 2020
We decided to visit this store after moving back to Bedford to purchase a rug for our living room . Mr Maher Ghazzawi met us at the door and welcomed us in. I had a pic of my living room and Mr. G. then proceeded to show my husband and I what would work best. It took him a very short time to find just what we needed. This was to be my birthday gift so it was a treat to find exactly what I wanted! This store is an amazing place. I have never seen so many beautiful rugs at such reasonable prices anywhere . We will return here and will not hesitate to recommend this wonderful business to everyone. Thank you Mr G. for your help. We are absolutely delighted with our purchase. Sincerely, Janice Veniot Bell & Alan Bell
Janice V. | Verified Buyer
December 21, 2020
Very reasonable bill for the carpet cleaning & restoration work completed. I appreciate your dedication on my behalf. You are my go-to guy on rugs in HRM. You\'ve been more than accommodating and I appreciate it more than you know.
Jay A. | Verified Buyer
December 22, 2020
We found this store by our daughter, she had bought a beautiful rug at Tabrizi\'s store. When I walked into the store with my husband and my daughter, I looked around and said wow, so many choices and a warm welcome from the staff.i appreciated their professional help, the quality of the merchandise and we where able to pick the colours and sizes for our rooms we were looking for, if it didn\'t suit our decor of the rooms we could bring it back. We brought it home and it was perfect in our eyes. Thank you, Ted and Hermina.
Hermina and | Verified Buyer
December 27, 2020
We have just purchased out 4th carpet at the store in Bedford. We wanted a round carpet eight feet in diameter. Tabrizi did not offer one of this size but offered to make it from an 8x11carpet that was in stock. Low and behold, two days later it was ready for pickup. They even finished the 3x8 ft.off-cut as a nice runner. We were delighted with the excellent service and will purchase our next carpet at this location
John P. | Verified Buyer
December 30, 2020
My neighbor told me about Tabrizi, Once my wife and I walked to the shop we just looked each other and said wow, we got a beautiful modern rugs they let us to try it home for two days but in the first 10 minutes we decided it works so nice with our decor and we are very happy with it, Thanks to Tabrizi team
Sam and | Verified Buyer
January 3, 2021
I had not visited the Tabrizi store in Bedford until today. The selection of rugs is terrific and I had a difficult time deciding. A very knowledgeable, patient and friendly salesman showed me some of the latest designs and explained the origins of the rugs, the materials, and the patterns. I recommend Tabrizi very highly. I will return in future when I want to acquire more beautiful rugs for my home. Thank you!
Tim M. | Verified Buyer
January 5, 2021
We walked in with our 10 month old son, a man named Maher immediately snatched him up, and all the staff started playing with him while my partner and I searched for a rug. The prices vary, and their rugs are beautiful across all price points. Can\'t wait for the next excuse to go back, and make a purchase.
Trevor P. | Verified Buyer
January 6, 2021
Had the pleasure of buying yet another beautiful rug from Tabrizi last week, my third in the last few years!They add such warmth to our modern space! My grandson (5yrs) this weekend said Grannie, I love yournew rug. That was the best compliment I could have received! The team at Tabrizi always takes the timeto go through every single option available to make sure you are happy with your purchase. It always takes me a few visits before I can settle on that perfect one but every time I walk through the door they greetme with contagious enthusiasm!! Tabrizi understands Customer Service! So very happy with my purchase!Joan Doyle
Joan D. | Verified Buyer
January 11, 2021
We purchased a beautiful hand-knotted punja rug from Tabrizi eleven months ago. The rug was punctured by the leg of a couch (how, we\'re not quite sure). We brought the rug back to Tabrizi several months later and the owner (Maher Ghazzawi) repaired the damage free of charge. At the time, we had also brought the rug back with the intent of removing pilling that had developed due to traffic. Maher explained that what we were seeing was a characteristic of the style of rug we\'d purchased (punja) - and that there was not much that could be done. What I found telling (in a positive way) was that Maher suggested it might be possible to return the rug if we were not happy with it. I thanked him and said that we\'d much prefer to hold on to the rug as it\'s unique design (slightly modern, colorful) was exactly what we had been looking for. The rug has been back in the house now for a few months and the pilling that started immediately after purchase has long since stopped. It\'s wearing great, looks fantastic, and fills the room with a barely noticable but delightful smell of wool.
P. Moan. | Verified Buyer
January 15, 2021
I took a rug into the shop that was damaged by my puppy and Maher did an awesome repair! He was great to deal with, very helpful, fast, friendly and professional. Would highly recommend Maher and staff for anything regarding rugs.
Geoff B. | Verified Buyer
January 18, 2021
I have an old kilim that had seen better days, needed a good cleaning and repairs to the fringe after one of my dogs took a liking. The whole experience from walking in to picking up my rug was outstanding. They were so friendly and helpful, told me what to expect and called me after a few weeks to give me repair options. It has been years since my kilim has looked so good, been so clean and the repairs they did are amazing. Thank you so much Tabrizi, I couldn\'t be happier.
Thumpers S. | Verified Buyer
January 20, 2021
It is a wonderful place. You are made to feel comfortable as soon as you are in. Jaffar and Maher were very friendly and helped us and we ended buying two beautiful large rugs for our new home. We then soon went back and bought the third one. It has been more than two years ago. I love the rugs we bought and they look great and as if made for our rooms. I want to go again soon for another one for my son\'s room.
Dina R. | Verified Buyer
January 21, 2021
Tabrizi Rugs is a real find. We just moved to Halifax and heard great things about them. We stopped by to check it out . What an amazing selection! What patient staff! (thank you Mehrdad). We were there for 2 hours deciding which ONE rug to buy. It wasn\'t easy....lots of great rugs. Mr. Tabrizi has excellent taste!!AND, the pricing was fantastic. I feel like a bandit with my new 100% wool rug bought for a song.Highly recommended.Seriously....go there.
Sylvia O. | Verified Buyer
January 26, 2021
Beautiful inventory, knowledgeable staff, a pleasure to shop there. I highly recommend Tabrizi carpets...no other place like it in Halifax.
Goldie T. | Verified Buyer
January 30, 2021
Very professional and knowledgeable staff! We had our rug professionally cleaned by them and a new fringe put on. We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend!
Kyler B. | Verified Buyer
February 2, 2021
Thanks for the beautiful repair and cleaning of my old and badly worn Tibetan rug, it looks like new.
Liza M. | Verified Buyer
February 4, 2021
The task of finding the perfect rug was made so much easier by the friendly and very knowledgeable staff at Tabrizi. We were helped from the moment we walked in and learned more and more about these rugs as we shopped. This is certainly a business in which the staff knows their business.
Clark E. | Verified Buyer
February 5, 2021
We want to tell you, first, how pleased we are with the cleaning of our seven Persian rugs. They look richer and more beautiful than we remember them when we bought them, and we are more than happy to recommend you to others. In fact, we contacted Robbie McLeod, the superintendent of Garden Crest, whom you met last night, to confirm our satisfaction and give him your contact information, as he had requested.Second, we want to tell you how impressed with your care in collecting the rugs and returning them, especially with the time and care that you took last evening to make sure that the rugs were unwrapped and put in place to our satisfaction. There was no requirement for you to do that for us, but we very much appreciate this attention. Your kind, respectful treatment of customers is unusual in our general experience and makes us happy to be doing business with Tabrizi Rugs.We wish you all the best.
Susan S. | Verified Buyer
February 10, 2021
I had so much fun while looking for and purchasing two of the most gorgeous and quality carpets ever. The staff were super friendly, informative, helpful and fun. Where could you shop for a carpet and experience the same kind of service as you might in the old country. Unbelievable. Did I mention that I had the most fun shopping experience ever - well its worth repeating. I highly recommend Tabrizi Rugs for high quality and variety. You wont walk away empty handed if youre truly wanting a beautiful carpet for your home. Patricia.
Patricia C. | Verified Buyer
February 14, 2021
We have purchased 2 carpets from Tabrizi over the past 18 years. When we need them cleaned we have Tabrizi do it for us. Because the carpets are large we have them pick them up and return them. The service is friendly as well as timely, so we are not without the carpets for along. Its so nice to have a company that values their long time customers
Diane G. | Verified Buyer
February 17, 2021
I had called Tabrizi Rugs on a Sunday afternoon at 3:15 pm to inquire about a rug I was looking at on their website to see if it was in-stock. On Sundays they close at 4 pm, I still had to drive from Dartmouth to Bedford. I did not arrive until 4 pm they waited for me to show up I spent another hour in the store to find the rug I was looking for, which was found. It was laid out on the floor for me to view. I was dealing with 2 amazing men who provided a level of service that was second to none Milad and Maher are their names. Roles up my new rug and loaded in my car. If you are looking for a Persian rug look no farther than Tabrizi Rugs you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend Milad and Maher for knowledgeable friendly service. A gem of a store in Bedford. A big Thank you to both of you.
Walter T. | Verified Buyer
February 19, 2021
They do a great job cleaning soiled rugs. Friendly staff and good deals if you are looking for a new rug.
Bryn MW | Verified Buyer
February 20, 2021
First time being in the store. Lots of options, styles and sizes. Been looking for the right rug for a year. The younger gentle man at the store was very kind and helpful. He helped me find a few options, even had taken the rugs down off display so I could get a better look. Eventually I had found the perfect one! Looks amazing in my living room, I\'m very happy. Thanks so much Tabrizi Rugs! Definitely recommend for anyone who\'s looking for a nice good quality rug.
Serenity R. | Verified Buyer
February 25, 2021
We\'ve bought several carpets during that time, all of which give us great pleasure.We continue to return because Jafar and his staff are so knowledgeable, giving us friendly and attentive service.Tabrizi offers a satisfying shopping experience- fair prices and excellent value.
Deborah F. | Verified Buyer
March 1, 2021
Dear Maher and Jafar, As always, a wonderful shopping experience at Tabrizi Rugs. Its perfect! If only the level of customer service you provide could be found everywhere. We will be back. Wishing you all the best, Kim and David
Kim and | Verified Buyer
March 4, 2021
We went to every local store to find an area rug and nothing compares to the beautiful rug we found here at Tabrizi. The staff at this store were so friendly and helpful I just had to let anyone looking for a area rug to save yourself time and disappointment trying to find that perfect rug. This store is large with such a great selection I was in ash. I found the perfect colour and size.
E. Merlin | Verified Buyer
March 6, 2021
We needed a new rug for the living room and I really thought we could only afford one from a big box store, but decided to check out Tabrizi anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of affordable rugs and we left with a fantastic rug within our budget. The customer service was also great - even though we were spending hundreds, not thousands of dollars. It felt like they valued each and every customer regardless of size. We have now gone back and bought the matching stair runner. I\'ve definitely recommended this place to other friends!
Jennifer B. | Verified Buyer
March 7, 2021
I love, love, love my rug! Thanks to the folks at Tabrizi, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful wool rug. It took several weeks to find the perfect rug for my home but with the excellent customer service Maher, Jeff, and Mitchell provided, it finally happened. Because I wanted the perfect rug, I took time to find it but the staff remained patient with me and provided great advice/input. I highly recommend Tabrizi if you are looking to invest in a rug that will last a lifetime. Thank you Maher (The Rugologist), Jeff, and Mitchell.
Janet | Verified Buyer
March 12, 2021
We have driven by this store so many times, always meaning to stop in. We finally made time and went in on Sunday. We just knew we\'d find what we were looking for. We had an idea in mind and found the perfect rug for our living room. The only hard decision was which one to choose! We picked out a beautiful rug and got a fantastic deal. Lots of beautiful Rugs, we will certainly be back for more. We\'ve already recommended Tabrizi Rugs to our friends and family. Thanks Jafar!
Jo-Ann and | Verified Buyer
March 16, 2021
Was just passing by the store where i saw rugs hanging outside, had no intention of buying anything that day but Sean did his best to help us find the best carpet for our long hallway . Service they offer is spectacular.... i would recommend to everybody.
Greg | Verified Buyer
March 19, 2021
We have been searching for months for the perfect area rug for our living room. We finally decided to pop into Tabrizi Rugs. Why we didn\'t just start there, I\'ll never know! Amir was very knowledgable, pleasant and patient! We found the perfect area rug and are extremely pleased. Thanks again!
Jane B. | Verified Buyer
March 21, 2021
I had searched for two years for an area rug that would suit my living room. Finally! Maher was wonderful - more than obliging. My sister and I are rather fussy and Maher let us look and look and....look! Then he gave me the best deal possible. (Thanks!) I took the rug home and was very pleased. I would definitely recommend Tabrizi\'s.
Sandra B. | Verified Buyer
March 22, 2021
I can\'t say enough about Maher. He very quickly understood not just my needs, but my style as well. Which meant we didn\'t spend time looking at things that weren\'t my taste (or in my price range). We went in looking for one item and left with 3 and felt very good about our purchases. I would recommend this store for quality and a superior sales experience.
Margaret H. | Verified Buyer
March 27, 2021
I don\'t normally enjoy shopping, especially when I have to bring along my 2 children. Maher G. was incredible with the level of customer service he provided. He somehow managed in our time at the store to help us find the right rug for the right price, play with my children, educate us in the history of persian rugs, and show us some amazing antique and valuble rugs which was incredibly interesting. My daughter has special needs as well, and he made us feel completely welcome with her there, but he also connected with her in a really lovely way. Thanks also for letting us bring the rug home to try it out. Amazing experience!
Janet P. | Verified Buyer
March 31, 2021
I was looking for an area rug for our living room for awhile and finally decided to check out Tabrizi. My husband and I were impressed by the quantity and variety of rugs in stock. Maher asked us questions about our preferences and showed us many rugs until we found the right one. He was friendly and knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. we are very happy with our purchase.
Pauline D. | Verified Buyer
April 3, 2021
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Tabrizi. Mahar, in particular, is a gentleman and scholar with a PhD in Rugology. The selection at Tabrizi is vast, with some of the finest Persian Rugs you can find anywhere, and the quality first rate. You can trust Mahar and the the other staff to treat you right and find just the right rug for you. I highly recommend Tabrizi to anyone interested in quality products and great customer service.
David S. | Verified Buyer
April 5, 2021
Maher Ghazzawi, our sales consultant, was very hospitable. We are happy with the quality of the carpet. We will return for future carpet purchases. C.J. and N. Forde
C.J. and | Verified Buyer
April 6, 2021
These guys are true pros. They helped us find a perfect rug within our price range in minutes, and made it enjoyable. Their professionalism , knowledge and positive energy are palpable. We wont shop anywhere else now for any future rugs! Were Tabrizi converts! Thank you!
Amy P. | Verified Buyer
April 11, 2021
Awesome place! Came in on a budget and went home with a beautiful rug. Thanks Milad!Highly recommend.
Martin L. | Verified Buyer
April 15, 2021
This place is just amazing - everyone is so knowledgeable, and sincerely helpful, in trying to match your purchase to your needs. No unnecessary upselling, of the kind you get at other places. My experience has been great every time I\'ve been in, and if I had room for any more rugs I\'d get them here.
Joe T. | Verified Buyer
April 18, 2021
Large stock of carpets available to suit your style. Excellent service and help. They let you try the rug in your home for a few days, and if you don\'t like it, it can be exchanged. Some of the prices can be expensive but the quality is excellent. Highly recommended. Bob & Gail Schwarz
Gail S. | Verified Buyer
April 20, 2021
I had a great experience at Tabrizi. Our salesman was terrific who did not pressure me into making a decision. I recommend giving them a visit. Lots of great rugs to chose from.
Sandra O. | Verified Buyer
April 21, 2021
I have bought over 6 rugs over period of time from Tabrizi. I have just purchased a 7th. I am always greeted with friendliness, and courtesy and the utmost patience while I choose from the hundreds and hundred of the most beautiful rugs. If there were a higher rating, I would give it!
Victoria B. | Verified Buyer
April 26, 2021
Great rug for a great price. Very helpful staff as well.
No Name | Verified Buyer
April 30, 2021
Wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. The rugs were beautiful. It was a joy to shop there and I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a quality rug.
Veronica M. | Verified Buyer
May 3, 2021
Greats rug selection , good people . Look forward to visiting again .
Joe A. | Verified Buyer
May 5, 2021
Beautiful rug. Helpful and courteous staff. Helped me load it in my vehicle. Great experience.
Tom H. | Verified Buyer
May 6, 2021
Bought a rug here several years ago and it still looks like new. Went back the last two days and bought 3 more gorgeous rugs. So much fun to select and interesting to hear the history. These gentlemen know their stuff, and are very knowledgeable and patient! Fabulous selection, prices and policies. We knew we didnt have to go anywhere else. Happy we waited to visit Tabrizi Rugs. We are happy campers. Thanks to everyone who helped us.
Ingrid T. | Verified Buyer
May 11, 2021
All the staff were welcoming and friendly each time I visited the shop. Mehrdad worked with me to find the rug I wanted for my living area; he was professional in manner, and only interested in helping me find the rug of my choice, with his knowledgeable background on the many types and styles of rugs available. I would not hesitate to shop there again.
Joann R. | Verified Buyer
May 15, 2021
Great experience working with Maher! We learned alot and had fun!
Andrew M. | Verified Buyer
May 20, 2021
Very entertaining. We have the rug down and it is beautiful.
Robert M. | Verified Buyer
May 20, 2021
Wonderful store, and great customer service. We bought three carpets today and are extremely pleased with the inventory to choose from and the quality. Highly recommend.
David C. | Verified Buyer
May 21, 2021
Rug ParadiseEnjoy the beautiful rugs here with good quality. We want to especially thank Mehrdad for his great service. Definitely will come visit again
QINGQING H. | Verified Buyer
May 26, 2021
Who knew buying a rug could be so much fun. Maher is personable, friendly, knowledgeable and just plain fun. The rug we selected happened to be right on the top of the pile. There is a huge selection to choose from, and Maher will steer you in the right direction based on your needs. The prices are good as well. Thank you for making buying a rug fun and easy. It looks great!
Susan S. | Verified Buyer
May 30, 2021
Love the place - like being in a REALLY GOOD candy store. Staff knowledgeable and helpful.
Lesley B. | Verified Buyer
June 2, 2021
The rugs are beautiful, but what makes Tabrizi stand out is the people who run it. Maher Ghazzawi has earned his self-proclaimed title as the Rugologist. He has a deep technical, historical and cultural understanding of rugs and will direct you to the best. He listens to you and will go out of his way to find the rug perfect for you. And he\'s patient and great with kids; our two-year old son had a blast playing! I don\'t enjoy rug shopping, but going to Tabrizi was different.
Nathaniel S. | Verified Buyer
June 4, 2021
Maher is kind and professional. He helped me find a gorgeous rug for my new home. I would recommend that people seek Mahers advice if they are in search of the perfect rug! C.Smith
Caroline S. | Verified Buyer
June 5, 2021
Great quality, Great selection, fair prices.
Arthur O. | Verified Buyer
June 10, 2021
Wonderful people to work with.
Linda & | Verified Buyer
June 14, 2021
This is not a rug store, but a rug museum. They have a wide range of varieties for rugs. You have to negotiate the price.
Udit T. | Verified Buyer
June 17, 2021
Wow, yet another great experience and purchase at Tabrizi ! You cant beat the prices and quality here but most important GREAT customer service! Until nest time thank you again and again!
Anne Marie | Verified Buyer
June 19, 2021
Very friendly and knowledgeable!
Samantha H. | Verified Buyer
June 20, 2021
Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.
Shawn D. | Verified Buyer
July 25, 2021
These guys know their rugs.
Dave T. | Verified Buyer
June 29, 2021
Very knowledgeable staff, friendly and reasonable pricing.
C Pronk | Verified Buyer
July 2, 2021
Great Product and Excellent Service.
Wayne S. | Verified Buyer
July 4, 2021
Their service is great. In store, they took down and laid out many rugs for our review. Super good people.
Gregory K. | Verified Buyer
July 5, 2021
Mr. Tabrizi listened, really listened to what we were looking for and found a carpet that is absolutely perfect for our home. I love it! Looking at it every day is pure joy. We went in for one and left with three. The service is impeccable.
Marina J. | Verified Buyer
July 10, 2021
We are very happy with the new carpets that we bought recently at Tabrizi Rugs. The carpets are stunning and really add a nice touch to our living room. We would like to thank the owner, Jafar, as well as his staff, Mehrdad, Shahin and Milad for their excellent service and advice!
Olga M. | Verified Buyer
July 14, 2021
Roach Chiropractic and laser centre which is next door to tabrizi we would like to thank the owner and staff for their generous support for our 1st Charity Golf Tournament in support of Make a Wish. What a great group of people with the highest quality rugs east of montreal. Please stop by say hello and check our there beautiful showroom.
Chris M. | Verified Buyer
July 17, 2021
Many thanks to Maher, master rugologist! Of all the rugs in the store, he looked at a cushion cover and pulled out the perfect match. He told us it would be elegant and we would love it. He was right - we love it!
Mary P. | Verified Buyer
July 19, 2021
Thank you so much for the hospitality today, not to mention the fine rug, which as you can see does very well in our bedroom. We will be back soon to find a new dining room rug.
Ray & | Verified Buyer
July 20, 2021
Dear Jeff and Maher, This is Goran (teaches English literature at Saint Mary\'s University), who is a regular customer at Tabrizi. I was in the store earlier today and I bought two rugs, one Shiraz. I am writing to express my huge gratitude for the exceptional service and care which I received from Maher (The Rugologist) and Mehrdad. Maher Ghazzawi, whom I met on previous purchases, showed me at least about 30 different rugs, explaining each in detail, down to telling me about different weaving and colouring techniques, and different kinds of wool. He was hugely personable and caring, and I felt that I was not in a store but in a family, whose host was telling me a history of a culture. He showed me a book of Ghabbes rugs and told a story how they\'re made in the Iranian desert. I felt I was having a most enjoyable day of interesting conversation, not that I was in a shop buying a rug. This was a most pleasant experience. I came in to buy one rug and I ended up buying two! You have an extraordinary expert and the most effective colleague in Maher, but above all, you have an exceptional person who makes his customers\' visit a unique cultural experience. Not only did I buy a rug--I also learned a lot about the background of their making. Mehrdad was also exceptionally helpful and very pleasant and informative when we talked about rugs. Thank you for this experience, exceptional service, and for recommending the beautiful rugs which I ended up buying.
Goran S. | Verified Buyer
July 25, 2021
Mr Ghazzawi, thank you for your help yesterday. It was a success as you can see. The colour choice fits right in . I will cosy up the room with cushions, once I find something I like. In the meantime, we are enjoying our heirloom!
Jim and | Verified Buyer
July 29, 2021
Perfect rug for our family room. Thanks.
Glenn H. | Verified Buyer
August 1, 2021
Many Thanks!
Anonymous | Verified Buyer
August 3, 2021
Thanks so much for all your expertise! We are both very happy with our beautiful rug. We have a few finishing details to do yet but thanks to you we are on the right track. We will be sure to pass on the great experience we had with you. You are certainly the Rugologist!!
Pam & | Verified Buyer
August 4, 2021
Very pleased with our new rug! Lots of help from Maher who is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Large display of beautiful rugs. Thank you Maher (The Rugologist). Highly recommend Tabrizi Rugs.
Heather M. | Verified Buyer
August 9, 2021
Exceptional customer service by the owner and staff!
Dorothy M. | Verified Buyer
August 13, 2021
Custom cut runner
Anonymous | Verified Buyer
August 16, 2021
Has anyone ever had fun or easy breezy success when shopping for area rugs? No. Not a single person in the history of time. This is simply one of those great big truths of the world: once you know what you want, you will never ever see it in a store ever again no matter how many times you stumbled across it before.It was in this state that I arrived at Tabrizi - a shop I had driven by at least twice a day for two straight years without ever having stopped in. We just redid our living room and need an area rug to be the crowning glory that pulls it all together. After revisiting all of my previous haunts, I figured I\'d go right to the source.Tabrizi doesn\'t look like much from the street and, to be honest, it doesn\'t have much of a boutique feel once you\'re inside either. But, if you\'re looking for rugs, you\'ll find them here. Every wall is covered with hanging racks, the floor is covered in piles of rugs stacked by the dozen, and there are even rolled up ones leaning in every corner. It was a little staggering, to be honest.A gentleman was happy to give me the lay of the land, pointing me in the direction of their small modern collection, and I\'m sure he would have been able to be a huge help if I was looking for something more classic like the bulk of their stock. There were some close contenders but ultimately I left empty handed. He did mention that they have a pretty sweet refund policy so that folks are able to bring a rug home for a substantial time period to see if it works - super helpful!
Ben B. | Verified Buyer
August 18, 2021
Thank you for your excellent service today in helping Cathie and I select a new rug for our living room. We are both very happy with the choice you helped us make. Although it is entirely different from what I had in mind when I started our quest I am glad that you helped Cathie persuade me that something very traditional would look good. The fit is perfect and we think it has made a big difference to the warmth and colour of the room. I can assure you that this rug will not be coming back to the store. Attached is a picture of how it looks. Thanks again for your help and allowing us to take advantage of your many years of experience as a Rugologist.
Russ I. | Verified Buyer
August 19, 2021
Fantastic, Shahin was terrific to work with on the phone. Patient , honest and very good considerations -- no pressure. Very pleasant and positive. When the borders open between NB and NS I will be sure to visit the store!
Kathleen H. | Verified Buyer
August 24, 2021
Thanks for all your help and the expertise with the purchase of our Kashmar rug. We just love it and it looks great in our living room. There was something special about that rug that I really loved when I first saw it in your store about a year and a half ago, and now seeing it in my home, I know why I went back for it. Attached are a couple of photos that you may use as you like.
Denise M. | Verified Buyer
August 28, 2021
I have been a customer on several occasions. I have always been pleased with the pleasant and great service the Tabrisis have given. My latest rug is just what I was hoping to see but due to Covid it was a new buying experience. Shahin was great and I will make a point of going back into the store when I am able.
RK Joyce | Verified Buyer
August 31, 2021
Browsed available rugs on their website, which was easy to use, and picked it up the next day at the store. Love the quality and design of the rug, and the service was great. Very friendly, helpful staff. Hope to purchase more in the future!
Rachel M. | Verified Buyer
September 2, 2021
Hello, My family and I purchaseda rug from you just this past weekend. It immediately made ourliving room feel warmer and more inviting. Thank you for thegreat suggestion. I alsowanted to say that shopping at your store was an absolute pleasure. Your staff were friendly, knowledgeable, had great advice, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. At no point did anyone rush us, put pressure on us to make a purchase or try to upsell us. We had our children with us and it is not easy shopping with three kids in tow but they loved it! They want to go back. Thank you so much. You will be the first place we look when we need any rugs in the future. Sincerely, Allegra Lywood
Allegra L. | Verified Buyer
September 3, 2021
Maher was a great salesman we ended up getting 2 rugs and Maher made us feel like family. Will be going back and recommend tabrizi
Stephen J. | Verified Buyer
September 8, 2021
Thank you so much to the team at Tabrizi. We love our rug and the guys helped us find the exact right fit. The whole process took a few months because its a big decision and investment, but the guys were patient and professional. This store is a rare find in these days. They will treat you right and are more about making you truly happy with the purchase than they are with simply selling you a rug. Thanks again guys. You have life long customers with us.
Kevin SSCM | Verified Buyer
September 12, 2021
I was looking for a rug for my family room for over a month. A friend suggested Tabrizi so I thought I would check it out. I found the rug I was looking for with the help of an amazing gentleman. He took the time to take rugs down and lay them on the floor until I found the one that best suited the colours in my room. It was my first time in the store but it wouldnt be my last. Beautiful rugs and amazing staff!!
Paula R. | Verified Buyer
September 15, 2021
Really nice experience buying our first quality area rug, Maher was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and bilingual for the Italians out there! Shahin greeted us at the door enthusiastically and very personable. Stay out of the box stores if you\'re looking for quality. Prices are fair and vary. We were budget conscious when shopping but as a young couple, we didn\'t find it too expensive. Kudos guys.
Peter L. | Verified Buyer
September 17, 2021
What a beautiful rugs and exceptional service. There was a good sale but I still love to barter!
Pat P. | Verified Buyer
September 18, 2021
Made a special trip over from PEI to find a rug. Tabrizi was my second stop and the hunt was over. We were assisted by a young man by the name of Shahin. He was absolutely amazing with his customer service skills and knowledge. The amount of rugs was a little over whelming at first but Shahin knew his stuff and sorted us out in no time. I can\'t say enough about the great service we received and would return here without any hesitation. Joan
Joan B. | Verified Buyer
September 23, 2021
Great service, and actually a fun experience! Highly recommend the knowledgeable and patient gentlemen from this store who assisted us in finding the perfect rug for our home.
Sharon T. | Verified Buyer
September 27, 2021
Good and genuine rugs sellers in town.
Anoop CH | Verified Buyer
September 30, 2021
The staff here are so very helpful and friendly. Very patient too , I think they have showed me every carpet in the place and I have always gone home with one , love these guys so much ! Thank you for all your help .. oh and the great fudge
Inez R. | Verified Buyer
October 2, 2021
Excellent service at Tabrizi. They are very helpful and offer great colour and product advice! Thank you!
Down R. | Verified Buyer
October 3, 2021
Beautiful store. I wanted to buy almost everything I saw. Will come back when we need another dazzling, artisan rug!
Jack W. | Verified Buyer
October 8, 2021
Just a quick note to saw that the rug looks fabulous and we are so happy with our choice. We especially loved hearing about the type of rug it is, the meaning of the symbols and significance of the colours, truly a work of art. It is rather nice knowing it is made by hand and no two are exactly alike. When I was unloading the car in the garage, I passed on your card to a lovely lady who mentioned that she was going to be looking for rugs soon. We told her to feel free to drop in and see ours and that we have bought all our rugs from you since 2007 or 8. They all look as good as the day we bought them.
Brian & | Verified Buyer
October 12, 2021
Very rewarding. With the help of the Rugologist, we selected a most attractive rug, which completely suits our room and decor. The rug was delivered to our home, and fitted to the underlay. Many thanks for excellent service, and a very favourable price!
Dr. Patrick | Verified Buyer
October 15, 2021
Very happy with our purchases. Really nice people.
Greg W. | Verified Buyer
October 17, 2021
A great spot with a very helpful staff . . !!
John M. | Verified Buyer
October 18, 2021
All dealings by telephone with Jeff were wonderful.Full review will be coming after I receive the rug.Many thanks.
Patricia G. | Verified Buyer
October 23, 2021
When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy, said Rumi, the 13th century Iranian poet known for his insight into the depths of a human soul. Tabrizi carpets are the reflection of joy and creativity that comes from the ancient knowledge of weaving which spans through generations and goes back to the Persian Empire, a superpower in 500 BC. Each carpet is the labour of love with no blueprints to follow but the weavers own imagination, the motifs of a tribe, or the reflection of the surroundings. For many months or years weavers work with a loom, tying yarn into knots of repetitive pattern, and transform the threads into what looks like a painting which mirrors their soul. When the carpets are ready they are passed on to unknown buyers whom the weavers will never meet. They are not forgotten. My carpets connect me with Persian weavers for many decades to come. Im grateful to the Tabrisi family for letting me appreciate their ancient culture.My sincere thanks to Mehrdad for helping me choose 4 carpets for my new apartment. It was not an easy task for me to select them out of hundreds of beautiful designs coming from a variety of Iranian regions, Egypt, and Afghanistan. I liked all of them! The rugs transformed my place into a home. Much appreciate it, Mehrdad.
Kasia N. | Verified Buyer
October 27, 2021
The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They were patient with all our questions and worked with us to find a treasure for our home.
Albert J. | Verified Buyer
October 30, 2021
Absolutely amazing service and selection. Top quality rugs at reasonable prices. You won\'t be sorry that you went there.
David W. | Verified Buyer
November 1, 2021
Vanity F. | Verified Buyer
November 2, 2021
Beautiful rugs and great variety.
Carlos C. | Verified Buyer
November 7, 2021
First class service and expertise, a pleasure to do business with.
Victor S. | Verified Buyer
November 11, 2021
We are so happy with this beautiful rug. Thank you for your kind, professional, and extremely helpful service.
Linda P. | Verified Buyer
November 14, 2021
Very good service as usual - highly recommend this business.
Sherry P. | Verified Buyer
November 16, 2021
I went here to look for a new carpet because I decided to make some changes in my apartment and I am happy I came here the selection is very good the quality of the carpets is amazing a lot of choice and the staff were very helpful thank you.
Tiffany M. | Verified Buyer
November 17, 2021
We had excellent help with choices from rugologist Maher Ghazzawi. I highly recommend shopping at Tabrizi Rugs.
Karen F. | Verified Buyer
November 22, 2021
It was a wonderful experience to buy from the very knowledgeable people at Tabrizi. Thank you!
Gayle W. | Verified Buyer
November 26, 2021
Very professional - knowledgeable and service-oriented. Would highly recommend!
Arlene D. | Verified Buyer
November 29, 2021
Friendly, efficient, knowledgable, and reliable.
Melissa M. | Verified Buyer
December 1, 2021
I purchased a beautiful beige and blue 9x12 carpet from Tabrizi on Monday. I saw it that afternoon and just had to have it. I called Mr. Jafar Tabrizi , he was so helpful and had two lovely gentlemen delivery and place the carpet in my living room later the same day. They took such care and placed all my furniture better than I had it. The rugologist Maher was amazing. Maher and his helper made the whole experience a wonderful one. I would highly recommend Tabrizi to anyone looking for high quality rugs and very knowledgeable staff.
G D | Verified Buyer
December 2, 2021
Beautiful carpets, wonderful service!
Penny M. | Verified Buyer
December 7, 2021
Hannah M. | Verified Buyer
December 11, 2021
(Translated by Google) Very high quality goods, professional sellers who can advise and tell about their products.(Original) , , .
Natalia B. | Verified Buyer
December 14, 2021
I hope you are doing well during this busy holiday season. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stair runner. Thanks for helping me pick it out. Happy Holidays and Ill see you in the New Year.
Jill G. | Verified Buyer
December 16, 2021
A friend suggested Tabrizi Rugs to me She said I guarantee you wont be disappointed. My experience was fantastic. The nicest most courteous sales people ! Definitely the best place to purchase rugs. I will never go anywhere else again. Thank you to all you great folks !!
Janet H. | Verified Buyer
December 17, 2021
They have been in the business a long time and also know how to care and maintain your rug investments.
Susanne W. | Verified Buyer
December 22, 2021
Great selection, wonderful folks!
John M. | Verified Buyer
December 26, 2021
Bought a rug from Tabrizi yesterday, the quality and service was excellent and the the price also.Recommend to anyone looking for a quality rug, huge selection and great staff
Eric S. | Verified Buyer
December 29, 2021
Beautiful, quality carpets and the excellent service of Maher, one of our favourite people.
Carrie M. | Verified Buyer
December 31, 2021
Jeff and Maher are awesome to deal with. They are very friendly and very helpful.
Jocelyn P. | Verified Buyer
January 1, 2022
I love my newPersian rugs. It was a pleasure to deal with Jafar.
Barbara B. | Verified Buyer
January 6, 2022
Mahar reallyknows how to treat his customers. Tabrizi should be the first and last place to go for rugs. We came in for one and ended up buying a matching pair. Thank you Mahar!
Marc B. | Verified Buyer
January 10, 2022
Shahin, Thank you for your helpfulness yesterday. The rug looks absolutely gorgeous in our home. It picks up all the colours in paintings, pillows, etc. Thought I would send you a few photos so you could see how perfect it is. Thank you. Kind Regards, Catherine Chapman
Catherine C. | Verified Buyer
January 13, 2022
We love the new rugs! Thank you so much for your expert help. You were so right, the room did need to be finished. The rug is the perfect size, not sure how you knew that from a picture, but you did. The colour is absolutely perfect. Now we will need to come shopping for our sunroom! Thanks again.
Kim and | Verified Buyer
January 15, 2022
I like Maher and the rest of the guys. Very good first impressions and vibes. Vast selection of rugs as well and hell go through suggestions based on your budget and style. Not pushy, knowledgeable, respectful and also friendly. He also says hes a great cook, Im curious to find out.
Rikki J. | Verified Buyer
January 16, 2022
Here are a few photos of our new rug!
Janet &. | Verified Buyer
January 21, 2022
Thank you!
Faye P. | Verified Buyer
January 25, 2022
Thank you so much!
Anonymous | Verified Buyer
January 28, 2022
I\'m emailing to thank you both for your concern and attention to our recent carpet purchase. We are very happy with the new carpet that we brought home yesterday. It appears to be much brighter in our living room but perhaps that is because we\'ve reversed the layout. The non-skid pad is perfect and keeps the carpet from bunching. I certainly appreciate your customer service in accommodating my request concerning the cost of the non-skid.I\'ve attached a few photos of the carpet in our living space. As you can see it makes our living room very cozy.Again our thanks. Enjoy the day!
Jayne and | Verified Buyer
January 30, 2022
Hi, Jafar, The rug in the living room is very beautiful, we like it. Hope you have a happy day. Regards, Bill
Bill C. | Verified Buyer
January 31, 2022
We have been doing business with Jeff for 2 short years. It\'s always a pleasure. He watches, listens and helps steer us toward the right rugs. Thanks so much for everything. This is the best experience we have ever had with a Persian rug retailer.
Freddie S. | Verified Buyer
February 5, 2022
Bought a new rug from Tabrizi... Wonderful staff and very knowledgeable and professional! Good prices for quality rugs!!! Better price than I thought! Believe me if you need a rug just drop by, hopefully you will be as happy as I was!! Support local, big chains couldn\'t be any better and again the staff was so helpful and friendly!!
Barb M. | Verified Buyer
February 9, 2022
Great hospitality and excellent prices and perfect quality..
Fouad K. | Verified Buyer
February 12, 2022
Good selection of high quality Persian Rugs. Jafar and his team provide a great service - a professional outfit. Love my rug and will return for another soon.
Tyler J. | Verified Buyer
February 14, 2022
Always great service, great inventory and great deals @TabriziRugs. Thanks Maher for helping us pick a rug for our dining room. Perfect choice.
Elwin L. | Verified Buyer
February 15, 2022
Thank you to Maher Ghazzawi and the entire Tabrizi team for helping to find the perfect rugs for our cottage..
Cathy & | Verified Buyer
February 20, 2022
Buying a Persian Rug at Tabrizi Rugs is always a joyful experience. The selection of rugs is carefully curated, with a very wide selection for every budget and taste. Jeff is the consummate gentleman and buying a rug from him is an exceptional experience that reminds one of the best of Iranian culture. Thank you to Jeff, and your staff, for the beauty that your rugs have brought to our home. I cannot stop returning to your exquisite shop.
R Murray | Verified Buyer
February 24, 2022
Enjoying our carpet in its special place.
Robert B. | Verified Buyer
February 27, 2022
Thank you for the beautiful Rug!
The teachers | Verified Buyer
March 1, 2022
Hello, Jerri and I are very, very happy with our purchases this weekend. Maher and the rest of the staff were incredibly professional, friendly and helpful. While we came in to buy one rug, we\'re very happy we ended up with three, all of which look great in their our home. You have our permission to use these photos on your website. Thanks again. I will also post a Google review. Dave Stephen
Dave S. | Verified Buyer
March 2, 2022
Very personalized,excellent and friendly experience.great quality products..
Michelle A. | Verified Buyer
March 7, 2022
The staff here attentively worked to find me a unique rug while staying within my budget. I am super happy with the rug I picked - the beautiful rug options seemed endless!
Scott S. | Verified Buyer
March 11, 2022
Thank you for finding the perfect rug for the colours in my living room - not an easy feat.
Ravi T. | Verified Buyer
March 14, 2022
Wanted to share the pictures of our living room with your beautiful rug !It enhances the room and we are very, very pleased with the selection !!! Thank you for providing something that will bring us much joy hopefully for many years and one that will be passed onto future generations!!
Don and | Verified Buyer
March 16, 2022
We had purchased rugs here almost 20 years ago, still in great shape. Our experience was great, spent time with us to review what we were doing. Great selection and quality of rugs in all sizes. Very knowledgeable staff that enjoyed the cookies we brought them for a snack. We left with two new rugs and very happy with our new purchase.
Sandy S. | Verified Buyer
March 17, 2022
Had a great rug experience at Tabrizi. They were super helpful in picking out rugs that would appeal to us and fit well in our space. Letting us take home rugs to try was an added bonus . It did take a couple of tries but in the end we found the perfect rug. They made the whole experience fun.
Chris A. | Verified Buyer
March 22, 2022
What a treat it was to stop by Tabrizi for some personalized service in choosing some gorgeous rugs for my home. I felt like I was transported to Iran and Afghanistan, as I heard the stories behind the artists and communities that produce these beautiful pieces, over a cup of Persian tea. It was my first and only stop for unique, handmade rugs that I will treasure for decades.
John D. | Verified Buyer
March 26, 2022
\"Mario\", as he goes by, was wonderful. He was a pleasure to deal with and easily helped us pick out the perfect rug based on usage & aesthetics.
Shannon G. | Verified Buyer
March 29, 2022
Great service and love the carpet. The website image of the carpet showed it to be much brighter but in reality the colours were more subdued which I appreciated.
Katherine K. | Verified Buyer
March 31, 2022
Wonderful store, lovely people
Jane C. | Verified Buyer
April 1, 2022
Tabrizi rugs is the only place to buy a rug - friendly, helpful and kind with quality products at fair prices.
Blois C. | Verified Buyer
April 6, 2022
Great staff, beautiful rug
Mary Anne | Verified Buyer
April 10, 2022
Staff was really friendly and helpful finding this beauty!
Jackie K. | Verified Buyer
April 13, 2022
Dear Jeff, Maher, Peter, & Penny, We have just received our recent purchase of two Gabbeh carpets and as always, we are thrilled with them. Over the several years that we have shopped at Tabrizi, our collection of Gabbeh has grown because we love the style, texture, and artistry of this line. The slight imperfections and variances are what makes each carpet unique and interesting and over the years our carpets have brought us joy, pride, and satisfaction in the way they have graced our home. Thank you all for making our experiences at Tabrizi memorable. Your sincerity, good humour, and friendship are very much appreciated, enabling us to remain loyal Tabrizi customers. You ship our carpets quickly and with great care and Jeff always gives us a fair price. It is always exciting when we unwrap our newest purchase. I wish you all a long & happy summer and continued prosperity and good health in the years to come. Sincerely, Joanna Fitzsimmons
Joanna F. | Verified Buyer
April 15, 2022
I highly recommend tabrizi.com rugs. High quality, good price, excellent service, and efficient staff. Thank you so much!
Carol S. | Verified Buyer
April 16, 2022
Lots of choice, and amazing knowledge of product! This is our second rug purchase..
Faye M. | Verified Buyer
April 21, 2022
Very responsive to queries and willing to go the extra mile.Since they sell rugs, I would say they have you covered!
Dave M. | Verified Buyer
April 25, 2022
Another great experience for a repeat customer. Originally purchased a large area rug for my living room last year. Very please with the rug, the price and the customer service. Returned last week and purchased a complementary hall runner and two smaller rugs. Again pleased with selection, pricing and customer service. Highly recommend them to others.
Darlene B. | Verified Buyer
April 28, 2022
Awesome selection and service. Love our rugs!
Annie H. | Verified Buyer
April 30, 2022
Quality carpet, excellent service, fast delivery
Anne W. | Verified Buyer
May 1, 2022
Ruby E. | Verified Buyer
May 6, 2022
Its rug collection is the best in Canada and staffs are super friendly.
Ali I. | Verified Buyer
May 10, 2022
Tabrizihas friendly staff and so many rugs to choose from. I expected to find only the nicest, hand-made rugs, but they have a wide variety of styles and prices. Highly recommended.
Beth C. | Verified Buyer
May 13, 2022
Hello Shahin, We just want to thank you once again for all of your kindness and for showing us this wonderful rug. We absolutely love it, fits in perfectly in our living room. The colour is fantastic, it has made the room very cosy! The little goats are behaving themselves.....all staying in line! We also want to thank you for sharing you knowledge of the history woven into these rugs. It is amazing to think of the work that goes into creating them and it is wonderful you are forwarding their stories. All the very best, Greg & Michele
Greg & | Verified Buyer
May 15, 2022
The carpets are perfect! Arent they lovely? We couldnt be happier. Our kitty is especially pleased! Thank you for your expertise and for making the purchases such a pleasure. You are a delight to work with.
Peter H. | Verified Buyer
May 16, 2022
The most important thing I must tell you is: we are absolutely delighted with the rug! The design is perfect and it is a joy to see it when we descend the stairs. Best wishes, Mary Kyd, CLC, Design Principal, LOOK LIGHTING DESIGN
Mary K. | Verified Buyer
May 21, 2022
Thank you Jeff!
Kunyi M. | Verified Buyer
May 25, 2022
Hi Shahin,You have a great eye for rugs and designs. Ive attached a few pictures of my beautiful rugs! I think they look great. Thanks again
Josee C. | Verified Buyer
May 28, 2022
Thought youd like to see this in its new home. Lovely job, Thanks so much !
Deb G. | Verified Buyer
May 30, 2022
The team are excellent people- warm, attentive, humorous. The carpets are simply extraordinary. Heirlooms of high craftsmanship that will last for an eternity.
Richard N. | Verified Buyer
May 31, 2022
I was pleased with the service,the rug is great, love the colours. It gets good use here, I had bought another rug when I moved in here, the colours were too light as it was a high traffic area.
Chris S. | Verified Buyer
June 5, 2022
Hi Maher, The rug looks fantastic. I have attached pictures for you. Again thank you very much.
Joseph & | Verified Buyer
June 9, 2022
Absolutely love the rug. Exactly as described.
Jenny M. | Verified Buyer
June 12, 2022
Great customer service and beautiful long lasting products. Tabrizi is now being operated by the next generation and they continue to carry on the wonderful legacy created by the generation before them. I bought gorgeous rugs 20 years ago and they still look new. I just purchased three new pieces and I\'m delighted with my buys! Thank you Tabrizi!
Heather R. | Verified Buyer
June 14, 2022
Shahin and his team go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied and give you the best deal possible. They are honest, helpful, friendly and experts in the rug industry. The selection at Tabrizi is outstanding and of the highest quality. Their prices are extremely reasonable for such beautiful and long lasting rugs that make a house a warm, vibrant place you want to entertain in and enjoy every day. I wouldn\'t shop anywhere else in all honesty.
Kathleen B. | Verified Buyer
June 15, 2022
Friendly and knowledgable staff. Very happy with our purchase.
Shawn D. | Verified Buyer
June 20, 2022
Just wanted to say that both carpets fit perfectly and we love them. You did a good job picking them out for us.So, many thanks. And we also appreciated that you allowed for the sale prices.
Rick & | Verified Buyer
June 24, 2022
My sister who lives in Nova Scotia found Tabrizi Rugs and told us about it. She is very knowledgeable about Persian rugs so we started looking on their sites. Eventually, we bought a rare Afghan war rug, a largish area rug for the living room and a small office rug. Each of them is hand knotted with wool. The craftsmanship is superlative and the shipping (across the country) was free. Plus the prices are so much more reasonable than in Vancouver. And frankly the selection is much bigger.
NS | Verified Buyer
June 27, 2022
Staff was really friendly and helpful finding this beauty!
Jackie K. | Verified Buyer
June 29, 2022
Hello Shahin, We love the new carpet. Thank you for your help. Regards, Graham and Cathy Fowler
Graham and | Verified Buyer
June 30, 2022
We wanted to write a review but we are not on facebook so we are sending our review by email. We purchased a rug today and we had exceptional service from Maher, it looks great in our home so we thank you so much for your help and service. You helped us make the right choice.Good variety and prices of rugs
Sylvia & | Verified Buyer
July 5, 2022
I bought a carpet at Tabrizi Rugs last week. It was a very positive experience. The Rugologist was knowledgeable and witty at the same time. Delivery was promptly made 4 days later. Price was acceptable.
Clare M. | Verified Buyer
July 9, 2022
Beautiful products, wonderful people!
Elizabeth G. | Verified Buyer
July 12, 2022
I always have a good shopping experience at Tabrizi Rugs - great selection and wonderful customer service.
Sherry P. | Verified Buyer
July 14, 2022
Probably our 10th purchase from Tabrizi. Very helpful staff. Fabulous selection. Top quality rugs at great prices.
Heather M. | Verified Buyer
July 15, 2022
Dont waste your time running around, come straight to Tabrizi. You will not be disappointed Very happy with my rug and the service and honored to be served by Mr Tabrizi himself. It was wonderful experiance.
Norton A. | Verified Buyer
July 20, 2022
We walked into Tabrizi on a Friday night 20 minutes before closing after being everywhere in HRM over the past couple of weeks, and searching online without finding just the right rug. I was a bit hesitant at first about Tabrizi because I was worried they would all be out of our budget. We dealt with Maher and he was fabulous. With a few questions, and his keen eye, he was able to quickly lead us to rugs that suited our space and our taste. The whole staff were welcoming and friendly and made us feel very comfortable. We are very happy with our purchase and we will save ourselves time and energy by making Tabrizi our first stop next time we are in search of a rug. Thanks, Maher!
Erin M. | Verified Buyer
July 24, 2022
I just received my new carpet and I couldnt be happier! When they discount a carpet you can be absolutely certain that you are getting a terrific deal on a high quality item that will be considered a family heirloom. I cant believe I have such a treasure in my home. Thank you Tabrizi for excellent everything...service and quality second to none.
Sassy P. | Verified Buyer
July 27, 2022
Bought 3 rugs for my home from Tabrizi rugs. King was great to work with. Very patient from very indecisive buyers but we never felt pressured or rushed. Quality was excellent and pricing was great! I would definitely purchase again in the future!
Josh T. | Verified Buyer
July 29, 2022
We have purchased 5 rugs from Tabrizi and couldnt have been more pleased. The staff was very knowledgeable and informative. The rugs have brought our home to life. Couldnt be happier with their merchandise and am scouting for yet one more!
Penny M. | Verified Buyer
July 30, 2022
Beyond thrilled with my rug from Tabrizi Rugs, ordered it online because of everything with covid and was pleasantly surprised when it showed up three days later!!!
Zane K. | Verified Buyer
August 4, 2022
Thank you so much! We love our new rug.It is perfect.Just the right amount of the casual look for us.I love everything about my Tabrizi Rug. From look, quality and service everything was a 5 star. I returned the first one with no problem and theirservice to help me find just the right rug was very attentive and helpful. I asked for extra pictures and they sent them quickly along with a video.I live in BC and shipping was not a problem at all.I highly recommend TabriziRugs!
Brenda T. | Verified Buyer
August 8, 2022
Fully satisfied. We are enjoying the rug. The delivery was delayed due to the storm, but the driver dropped the rug off on a Sunday, which was above and beyond expectations. With thanks
Leonard | Verified Buyer
August 11, 2022
We were extremely pleased with your staff and service and the rugs.
Joy & | Verified Buyer
August 13, 2022
I've known owner Jeff for over 20 years and have always found that he and his staff go overboard to ensure you make the right choice in choosing one of his high-quality rugs. We\'ve looked around at other places throughout Halifax and have always come back to Tabrizi\'s to make our purchases as his price/quality cannot be beaten. Don't be fooled by online rugs as you will get what you pay for. Always a pleasure doing business with you Jeff! Paul and Carolyn
Paul R. | Verified Buyer
August 14, 2022
Hi Jeff and Shahin, We just moved back into our house after 8 weeks of renovations on the kitchen! It’s still a work in progress but we are able to live here with a functioning kitchen! I rolled out the rugs for the first time and was soooo excited how it brought life to our spaces! Thank you so much! I will be recommending you to all of my friends! ! Here are a few pics!
Liz G. | Verified Buyer
August 19, 2022
Although I have been in Tabrizi\'s store in Bedford many times over the years (and bought 5 or 6 rugs 20 plus years ago) this time I shopped on line. I live on PEI and it is not always easy to get to NS. I purchased two runners which arrived in about three days. They are both beautiful and look like their photos on the web site. I called to ask about a much larger rug and the salesman, Milad Khataei, took some close up photos and emailed them so I could verify the predominant colour, in case the web site colours were off. Turns out the web site is very accurate. He was most helpful. Today I called to finalize the order; I was greeted by someone who I have not met, but he knew my name, as he had been folding my new rug. He told me about it. I love it that the rugs have stories, that they carry more than colour and design, they carry the heart and soul of the people that created them. The sales people at Tabrizi\'s care about the rugs they carry and also about the people that buy them. I can only say check them out - on person, online, and on the phone. Always helpful.
Ruth R. | Verified Buyer
August 19, 2022
Absolutely love Tabrizi Rugs. We have purchased 5 now. (1 not pictured as our son took it) This company is a Canadian business distributing authentic eastern rugs with a huge variety of sizes & colours & styles for very reasonable prices given their rarity. Their service is wonderful, always available by phone to discuss availability, take orders and track down logistics. A pleasure to work with! Their delivery is crazy fast and the rugs are well packaged for protection during shipping. Thank you !
Laurie B. | Verified Buyer
August 23, 2022
Love buying carpets here, so many beautiful designs, great service, and fast shipping. I\'ve bought five so far and love them all. Why buy at cheaper places when for a little more you can get a, pure wool carpet with the best quality.
Peter T. | Verified Buyer
August 26, 2022
Beautiful rugs. Sales persons are very nice and dont rush you. I looked at about 100 rugs all beautiful and chose the right one for us. The quality feels like I spent what I did for it. The colours are bright and everyone is commenting on how beautiful it looks in my home! I will recommend this place for rugs for sure after terrible experiences in other places. Thanks Tabrizzi
Nadina S. | Verified Buyer
August 28, 2022
Mr. Shahine Tabrizi takes good care of his customers and makes it easy to pick a rug to be shipped to the other side of the country during a pandemic and following on the heels of a trucking shortage. Our rug arrived in perfect condition, looked as it did in the picture and was exactly on time. Good Service. We would recommend.
Eric & | Verified Buyer
August 29, 2022
Just got my rug shipped to my house exceeded my expectations absolutely love the look and the quality of the rug if your looking for high quality at a great price look no more this is the place to go. Will definitely be purchasing again in the future if I could give 6 stars I would !
Lawrence G. | Verified Buyer
September 3, 2022
Very happy with our purchase made online.....sight unseen. The gamble paid off. Now we want to make the journey to Tabrizi in person to buy another carpet.
Michael D. | Verified Buyer
September 7, 2022
Straight up, great place to buy rugs - a repeat customer. good value, good people.
George B. | Verified Buyer
September 10, 2022
I am very pleased to receive an item that turned out to be exactly as described and even better looking than the illustration. Another pleasant surprise is that it arrived in Vancouver from Nova Scotia four days ahead of schedule.
Miguel T. | Verified Buyer
September 12, 2022
Purchased online. Completely pleased with the carpet, the price, and the service. Highly recommended!
Dorianne R. | Verified Buyer
September 13, 2022
My wife and I had a really enjoyable time browsing their extensive collection of beautiful rugs. The friendly staff helped us find something perfect for the space and within budget. They have rugs to suit any budget! I would highly recommend Tabrizi to anyone.
DoverSailPlanes | Verified Buyer
September 20, 2022
Great staff...they know their business.
Patti C. | Verified Buyer
September 20, 2022
Great service.
Beautiful B. | Verified Buyer
October 4, 2022
Thank you for your kindness and support in helping us find the perfect carpet for my new office space. As you can see it fits perfectly. It is a great addition to our home and will be cherished for many years to come. With best regards Bonita & Tom Tulloch
Bonita &. | Verified Buyer
October 19, 2022
I was impressed with the wide selection of rugs and the huge number of them. Shahin was helpful and knowledgeable. Being able to take up to four (4!) rugs home to try out was super helpful. I love my two choices and will definitely be going back for a much larger one to put under the dining room table. Tabrizi might be the only game in town but they don't slack off because of that and, best of all, don't take advantage price-wise. Instead prices are kept reasonable and affordable because they buy direct from the makers. No middleman.
Lynn R. | Verified Buyer
November 2, 2022
I've been a customer of yours for about 30 years, and I have so enjoyed looking at rugs at Tabrizi and buying a few rugs from you. I've never made large purchases but I've always been treated as though I was a worth a million bucks! You have cared for my rugs- I have one really good one that is old and frayed, and some mid-grade Indian factory wool rugs— all came with me when I moved up here from New York . You sold me a few small ones over the years. I used to love going to the store front in Bedford, NS , when my kids were little and I could throw them in the car. The kids are gone, but I’ve still got the rugs! Just wanted to let you know you've added a lot to the enjoyment of our home, and in our dealings with you.
Meg F. | Verified Buyer
November 5, 2022
Great selection, excellent value, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Bring cookies for the senior staffer.
Tigger J. | Verified Buyer
November 16, 2022
Beautiful rugs. Delivery is crazy fast. Great people. I don't usually leave reviews anywhere. Tabrizi rugs needs recognition for their wonderful rugs and service. Thank you ❤
Kristen M. | Verified Buyer
November 16, 2022
I have been searching for 'the right rug' for awhile. When I went into Tabrizi, I was greeted and asked what size rug I was looking for and was directed to them. Then, Maher, Tabrizi's rugologist (yes, they exist), explained the different types of rugs and asked to see a picture of the space I wanted to cover. When I saw 'the rug' Maher explained how to properly care for it. I found the staff professional and willing to negotiate. Additionally, their care and concern for the clients' positive experience exceeded all other businesses I've visited in my search for 'the right rug.' I highly recommend them. I hope the next time I need a rug, they are still there.
Judi R. | Verified Buyer
November 30, 2022
The staff at Tabrizi really know their rugs! They provide great service. I especially appreciated Maher’s book with stories about where some of the rugs came from. We would go back there first anytime we are looking for a rug!
Emily S. | Verified Buyer
November 30, 2022
I purchased a beautiful rug recently. Their stock is abundant and their customer service is exemplary.
Lara C. | Verified Buyer
November 30, 2022
Shahin and his team go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied and give you the best deal possible. They are honest, helpful, friendly and experts in the rug industry. The selection at Tabrizi is outstanding and of the highest quality. Their prices are extremely reasonable for such beautiful and long lasting rugs that make a house a warm, vibrant place you want to entertain in and enjoy every day. I wouldn't shop anywhere else in all honesty.
Kathleen B. | Verified Buyer
November 30, 2022
The best service and expert help in finding the perfect rug. Good quality and reasonably priced. Very Pleased!
Denyse B. | Verified Buyer
December 28, 2022
Excellent company - they have a world class selection of rugs, their staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Following their expert guidance we are absolutely delighted with the rugs we purchased. We also had them clean a 35 year old Persian rug, the service was prompt and very professional - the cleaned rug was dramatically improved in all respects beyond our expectations and it was evident that they had treated the carpet with great care during the cleaning process. An exceptional company we will be delighted to recommend!!
James H. | Verified Buyer
December 28, 2022
Found a great rug today at a good price!! Fantastic quality & customer service.
Zoe T. | Verified Buyer
December 28, 2022
Beautiful rugs. Online purchase and delivery was seamless. Even during the Christmas holidays. Thank you!!
Elaine M. | Verified Buyer
January 11, 2023
These guys are always friendly and helpful.
Philip C. | Verified Buyer
January 25, 2023
Our shopping experience was great! Although there is an overwhelming abundance of carpets to choose from, the staff were very adept at narrowing down the choices. We love our new carpet! It’s beautiful and unique!
Karen J. | Verified Buyer
January 25, 2023
Very knowledgeable, friendly and good quality rugs! Very happy with our 2 recent purchases!
Susan W. | Verified Buyer
January 30, 2023
Our experience with Tabrizi Rugs was a 5 star and above experience. From the moment we walked into the shop, we were wowed by the quality and quantity of carpets. All of the sales people, Manager and Owner greeted us each time we frequented the shop. There was no pressure to purchase. We are very happy with our carpet choice and will highly recommend them to all of our family and friends. Thank you Tabrizi!
Cathy M.
February 3, 2023
Thank you very much. I have been recommending you to friends. We love the rugs we have from you.
Nancy T. | Verified Buyer
February 3, 2023
Maher was a ray of sunshine on a cold winter day. He provided us with lots of info about rugs (because he is a rugologist, after all) and helped us narrow down our choices. We’re very pleased with the ‘pop of colour’ that our new rug gives to our living room. Thanks!
Christine M. | Verified Buyer
February 3, 2023
Good morning Dr. Rugologist and Shahin!!! Yesterday it was a wonderful experience for me to visit your store for the first time!! I was made to feel welcomed, and I was treated with attention and professional friendship. I was given a “more than fair” discount on a brand new carpet. I am writing to say THANK YOU for your great service, and even loading the rug into my car for me!!???????????? You guys are the best! Thank you very much!
David C. | Verified Buyer
February 7, 2023
We just purchased our second rug from Tabrizi and I highly recommend them. The customer service was excellent - Maher and Milan took a lot of time helping us choose the right rug for our space. It’s great to have this store locally in Halifax.
Ryan S. | Verified Buyer
February 8, 2023
Great store for rugs with great service.
Robert H. | Verified Buyer
February 8, 2023
I bought a Tabrizi rug a few years ago, it is great, it’s had a lot of usage and 2 or 3 moves, it looks as good as the day I bought it. Your rugs are worth the extra they cost.
Chris S. | Verified Buyer
February 9, 2023
We recently purchased a rug from Tabrizi with the help of Maher. He is such a beautiful soul! Very knowledgeable and helped us find the perfect rug to suit our needs. An amazing selection of high quality rugs to choose from. I honestly could have stayed at the store for hours looking at the vast selection and chatting with Maher. We thank you so much. :)
Krista H. | Verified Buyer
February 12, 2023
Great store for rugs with great service.
Robert H. | Verified Buyer
February 22, 2023
I ADORE Tabrizi Rugs in Halifax! The sales team is excellent, knowledgeable and uber friendly.
Robin S. | Verified Buyer
March 8, 2023
My go to place for carpets. Staff is always helpful, and friendly. I really enjoy my time there when I am there.
Sol A. | Verified Buyer
March 22, 2023
A dazzling selection of beautiful rugs, and the staff are knowledgeable and super friendly!
Rachael G. | Verified Buyer
March 22, 2023
This is absolutely the best place for rugs east of Montreal. Excellent service, extensive choices and very reasonable prices. Great experience!
Anne O. | Verified Buyer
April 5, 2023
The best service and expert help in finding the perfect rug. Good quality and reasonably priced. Very Pleased! Great recommendations for precisely what you are looking for! These guys are the Pros!!!
Denyse B. | Verified Buyer
April 5, 2023
Wouldn't buy a rug anywhere else - excellent quality, selections and service.
Karen F. | Verified Buyer
April 5, 2023
It was such a pleasure working directly with the owner, Jeff. He was very responsive and his rugs are of the highest quality. Beautiful!
Schunzel H. | Verified Buyer
April 5, 2023
I thought I would show Tabrizi how great it looks. Happy Easter to everyone! Barbara D. Chow
Barbara D. | Verified Buyer
April 10, 2023
Exceptional experience and they have beautiful rugs.
Jacquie H. | Verified Buyer
April 19, 2023
Staff was very helpful and friendly. I was very indecisive at first and they were very patient and kind. They offered to let me take the rug I chose home try it out and bring it back for full refund or exchange. Excellent service!!! ***** five stars!!
Lynn A. | Verified Buyer
April 19, 2023
I took my older Tabrizi Rugs rug in to be cleaned and ended up trading it in for another beautiful wool rug with a turquoise emphasis perfect for the space!! Great, warm, helpful service...always. Worth considering a trade if you have an older rug you are tired of and you'd like to refresh your space!
Anne B. | Verified Buyer
April 19, 2023
We were looking for a specific rug on their site which they were able to pull from storage to show us. However, Maher spent time talking with us, looking at pictures, exploring options and different possibilities. Ultimately we went with another rug that better fit our style and needs. Their professionalism, experience, and helpful approach with us and the kids made for an amazing shopping experience. The selection and options are vast but the care of the experts there make it a very accessible and stress free experience. I highly recommend them!
Michael B. | Verified Buyer
April 19, 2023
My husband and I were totally impressed with the sales personnel and inventory of rugs at Tabrizi. Maher was exceptional in sharing knowledge on our varied questions related to possibly buying a 9' X 6' hand woven rug. One can go to HomeSense or Ikea and other flooring outlets if you just want a machine produced poly rug that may look good for a year or two, but if you want a real wool rug with natural dye colours, a rug that will last a lifetime, and for an affordable price especially if you watch the sales, Tabrizi is in our view the best place to buy a high quality rug in the Halifax area. We ended up purchasing a fabulous red patterned rug made in Afghanistan from Maher , and left Tabrizi knowing we just bought exactly the high quality rug we were looking for.
Mary E. | Verified Buyer
April 27, 2023
We love the rug. Perfect. The whole ordering and delivering experience was good and stress-free. Thank you.
Leonard E. | Verified Buyer
May 3, 2023
Excellent service and a wonderful product. Very much enjoyed the experience!
Mark M. | Verified Buyer
May 3, 2023
Awesome customer service and a huge selection of rugs to select from.
Kevin T. | Verified Buyer
May 17, 2023
Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff...huge high quality rug inventory and a range of price choices. The PLACE to purchase a superior quality rug in Nova Scotia!
Robert R. | Verified Buyer
May 17, 2023
Very knowledgeable people. Great selection. Our rug is beautiful hand made using traditional highest quality artisan skills. Tabrizi sticks to what they know - rugs. We recommend them.
Margaret P. | Verified Buyer
May 17, 2023
Both rugs look great, and we appreciate the very reasonable prices. Cheers, Karl
Karl A. | Verified Buyer
May 19, 2023
Great staff, great selection. If you need rugs this is the place to go.
Bernie F | Verified Buyer
May 31, 2023
Great staff, honest recommendations and good advice!
Judy D | Verified Buyer
May 31, 2023
I don't have a lot of rug shopping to compare with, but the no pressure, friendly service was informative & helpful. The pricing seemed reasonable for the product on offer and there was a lot to select from.
Teddy R. | Verified Buyer
june 14, 2023
Carpets are lovely. Slight glitch in the address on the package. Luckily, FedEx persisted
Glenda A | Verified Buyer
June 14, 2023
We are enjoying the rug, perfect in our space, good quality, lovely colour and design. Thank you for the excellent service.
Carrie M. | Verified Buyer
June 20, 2023
This was my 3rd purchase from Tabrizi. There are always fabulous rugs and consistently good service. This time I looked at their website before visiting the store. I selected 4 rugs on line to look at in the store. All 4 were in stock, how great is that? I ended up purchasing my first pick from the web site. The colours on the website were very true compared to what I saw in the store. When I want to purchase a rug, I don't even look anywhere else.
Joni | Verified Buyer
July 16, 2023
Awesome! The staff was so informative and very helpful
Charlotte P. | Verified Buyer
July 11, 2023
Exceptional Customer Service! Excellent service. Everyone was courteous and friendly. I felt they wanted to solve my problems with my rug, and they did a very fine job.
Michelle B. | Verified Buyer
July 11, 2023