The Tabrizi Story

From Our Family To Yours

Your family deserves rugs that can be loved together for generations.

Designers always say that the right rug really brings the room together. By extension, we truly believe the right rug can bring a family together. A place for gathering, conversation, and sharing special moments. All of that should be done on the comfort of a fine rug that your family deserves.

Family Values

The Tabrizi family shares a special bond over rugs. In some of our homes, we have Persian rugs that have been passed down from over 3 generations ago. Every now and then, at family gatherings, we like to acknowledge them, because they almost always spark hour-long conversations from our "Babas" and "Mamas" about the memories they shared over the years.

We want your family to be able to share similar stories with long-lasting rugs of your own.

The Tabrizi Legacy

The Tabrizi family business was started over 60 years ago by Jeff Tabrizi's father in Iran. As a boy, his father instilled in him the values of hard work, honesty, and one secret to good business - providing goods that last as long as possible.

In 1988, he carried the dream to Canada. Jeff was the first, and eventually the largest, to provide quality rugs to the Atlantic provinces. Over the next 30 years, Tabrizi became a household name, all based out of the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The 2020s are being led by the next generation. We’ve made a commitment to continue sharing tradition through rugs. Our mission: every happy home deserves a quality rug.