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Explore our diverse collection of rugs, offering an extensive range of styles, designs, and materials. Each rug is meticulously hand-picked for its quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. From traditional hand-knotted wool rugs to contemporary synthetic options, we cater to every taste and decor.

Our curated collection encompasses a broad spectrum of colors, patterns, and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect rug to complement your space. With a variety of traditional and modern designs, ranging from classic floral patterns to geometric motifs, our collection caters to diverse decor preferences. Choose from materials like wool, cotton, jute, and silk, each offering unique properties and benefits. At Tabrizi's, our commitment is to provide the highest quality rugs at the best prices. With regular updates featuring new designs, styles, and materials, our collection ensures there's something for everyone. Whether you seek a bold statement for your living room or a cozy accent for your bedroom, discover your perfect rug in our diverse collection today!

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    As low as US$839.25 Regular Price US$2,098.50 save 60%

Choosing the right rug size

We've prepared a handy guide on selecting the best rug size for your room's layout.