Ardabil Rugs

Discover our Ardabil rugs, also spelled Ardebil rugs, named after the Ardabil Province in northwestern Iran—a region steeped in the rich history of Persian rug weaving.

Ardabil rugs boast motifs akin to Caucasian rugs, distinguished by an abundance of motifs and objects woven into the borders. Some modern weavers have embraced bold geometric patterns, adding a contemporary touch. The Ardabil Carpet, showcased in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, stands as one of the most famous carpets globally. Explore Tabrizi's curated collection of Ardabil rugs, ensuring the best prices for a confident online purchase. If you can't find your ideal Ardabil rug, our designers can help. Many of these rugs are one-of-a-kind, so seize the opportunity when you find a piece you love.

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