Bakhtiari Rugs

Explore our Bakhtiari rugs, a major art form of the Bakhtiara Tribe situated in Bakhtiari, Iran. Since the 19th century, these rugs have been a global export, showcasing the rich tradition of the Bakhtiari people, one of the most ancient and well-known Persian tribes.

Featuring traditional colors and designs, Bakhtiari rugs are crafted in nearly two hundred villages, preserving the nomadic origins of the Persian people. These carpets often display a medallion or garden layout with the field divided into squares. Delve into Tabrizi's hand-picked collection of Bakhtiari rugs, where we ensure the best rug prices for your confident online purchase. If you're seeking a unique piece, our designers are ready to assist you. Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind rugs!

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