Bokhara Rugs

Discover our Bokhara rugs, named after the Bukhara region in Uzbekistan. Positioned along the historic Silk Road, Bukhara has been a hub of trade, culture, scholarship, and religion, infusing these rugs with a rich and enduring history. Bokhara rugs are among the most sought-after handmade rugs globally, boasting types like Salor, Tekke, Yomud, Beshir, Ersari, Khina, Pinde, Indian, and Pakistan Bokharas.

Explore Tabrizi's curated collection of Bokhara rugs, each rug echoing the cultural legacy of the Bukhara region. With our commitment to the best rug prices, shop confidently for Bokhara rugs online. If you're seeking the perfect Bokhara rug, our designers can help. Don't miss the chance to own a Bokhara rug that encapsulates history and elegance—browse our collection today.

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