Mahabad Rugs

Discover our Mahabad rugs, named after the city in the northwestern region of Iran, nestled in Azerbaijan. Mahabad rugs boast tribal patterns and distinctive geometric visages. The predominant colors in these rugs include dark and light red, blue, and green, creating a visually striking aesthetic. Crafted from goat wool, these rugs feature a thin pile, and Mahabad weavers employ Turkish knots to create their unique designs.

Explore Tabrizi's curated collection of Mahabad rugs, where each piece is carefully selected for its authenticity and craftsmanship. Our commitment to offering the best rug prices ensures you can confidently purchase Mahabad rugs online. If you're in search of the perfect Mahabad rug, our designers are here to assist you. Act swiftly, as many of these rugs are one-of-a-kind, providing a rare opportunity to own a piece of the rich cultural heritage embodied in Mahabad rugs!

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