Mahal Rugs

Discover our Mahal rugs, also known as Mahallat rugs, named after the city of Mahallat, Iran, where these hand-knotted treasures originate. Renowned for their antique-style allure, Mahal rugs are celebrated for their large-scale patterns and casual elegance. Unlike typical floral or geometric patterns, Mahal rugs boast a unique versatility that seamlessly fits into various settings and decors.

Inspired by the city's fame as a major producer and exporter of flowers, Mahal rugs capture the essence of a "Field of Flowers." These rugs, with their timeless charm, are destined to become cherished family treasures for years to come. Explore Tabrizi's curated collection of Mahal rugs, meticulously handpicked for their beauty. With our assurance of the best rug prices, confidently purchase Mahal rugs online. If you're seeking your perfect Mahal rug, our designers can help. Don't miss the chance to own these one-of-a-kind pieces that add warmth and character to your space.

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