Milas Rugs

Explore our collection of Milas rugs, showcasing traditional hand-woven carpets meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in the city of Milas, located in the western province of Mugla, Turkey. Known for its rich history and enduring tradition of rug-making, Milas stands as a prominent center for rug production in Turkey.

Milas rugs are revered for their intricate designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and the use of fine materials. Typically crafted with a combination of hand-knotting and hand-weaving techniques, these rugs ensure durability and longevity. The designs often feature traditional Turkish motifs like medallions, floral patterns, and geometric shapes, employing a range of soft and rich colors. With our commitment to the best rug prices, you can confidently buy Milas rugs online. Many of these rugs are one of a kind, so if you find something you like, don't miss out!

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