Mohajeran Rugs

Explore our collection of Mohajeran rugs, traditional Persian carpets crafted by skilled artisans in the city of Mohajeran. Also known as Mohajiran, Mahajiran, or Mehajeran, these rugs are celebrated for their intricate designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and the use of fine materials like wool and silk. Made through a combination of hand-knotting and hand-weaving techniques, Mohajeran rugs are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

Mohajeran rugs feature a soft, muted color palette, often showcasing tones of beige, ivory, blue, and green. Their intricate floral and geometric patterns draw inspiration from nature and traditional Persian motifs, making them an ideal addition to luxury spaces, imparting elegance and refinement to any room.

Our collection proudly presents a diverse range of high-quality Mohajeran rugs. Crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and premium materials, each piece promises beauty, durability, and longevity.

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