Qum Rugs

Explore our collection of Qum rugs, also known as Qom or Ghom rugs—masterpieces crafted by skilled weavers in Qom, Iran, celebrated for their exceptional quality and beauty. These rugs, made with luscious silk or soft wool, boast a high knot count, transforming each piece into a unique work of art. The intricate designs and patterns, specific to the Qom region, are passed down through generations, ensuring each rug is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The vibrant designs and rich colors of Qum rugs make them a perfect addition to any home. Crafted with natural dyes and traditional techniques, these rugs showcase a depth and richness in color unmatched by mass-produced counterparts. Many Qum rugs double as exquisite wall hangings, infusing elegance and luxury into any room. Their intricate patterns and vibrant colors serve as stunning focal points, adding texture and interest to your space. Investing in a Qum rug means embracing a piece of art and cultural heritage—a treasure that will be cherished in your home for years to come, adding an authentic touch of beauty and culture to your space.

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