Yuruk Rugs

Explore our Yuruk rugs, also known as Yorok rugs, exquisite handcrafted treasures originating from nomadic tribes in the Anatolian region of Turkey. Renowned for their distinctive geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and bold designs, Yuruk rugs are a testament to the artistry of the nomadic weavers.

Created with a blend of natural wool and dyes, these rugs boast a unique texture and sheen. Hand-knotted using the traditional Turkish knotting technique, they ensure durability and longevity. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the intricate designs of Yuruk rugs carry profound cultural significance, symbolizing wealth and status, passed down through generations. Infuse your space with bohemian charm and cultural heritage by choosing a Yuruk rug—an unparalleled combination of uniqueness and quality.

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