Palace Spaces (Rugs 9' x 12' and over)

Explore our collection of extra-large rugs, crafted to make a bold statement in your home. Designed for grandeur, these rugs serve as captivating focal points in large spaces like living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. The expansive size allows intricate designs to shine, creating a commanding presence in open-concept spaces, grand entrances, and beyond.

Hand-picked for quality, craftsmanship, and beauty, our collection offers a diverse selection of styles, designs, and materials. Whether you prefer the classic charm of traditional hand-knotted wool rugs or the modern appeal of synthetic options, there's something to suit every taste and decor. With a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes—including 9x12, 10x13, 11x14, 12x15, and beyond—finding the perfect rug to complement your space is made easy. At Tabrizi's, we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality rugs at the best prices, ensuring you can make a bold and stylish statement in your home. Browse our collection and discover your ideal rug today.

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    As low as US$1,798.50 Regular Price US$2,668.50 save 33%
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    As low as US$3,829.37 Regular Price US$7,498.50 save 49%
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    As low as US$343.50 Regular Price US$568.50 save 40%
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    As low as US$3,748.50 Regular Price US$5,773.50 save 35%
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    As low as US$822.89 Regular Price US$1,948.50 save 58%
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    As low as US$2,998.50 Regular Price US$4,498.50 save 33%
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    As low as US$7,498.50 Regular Price US$8,248.50 save 9%
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    As low as US$1,656.00 Regular Price US$4,498.50 save 63%
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    As low as US$1,483.50 Regular Price US$2,856.00 save 48%
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    As low as US$2,185.49 Regular Price US$3,748.50 save 42%
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    As low as US$2,998.50 Regular Price US$4,123.50 save 27%
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    As low as US$1,453.50 Regular Price US$3,748.50 save 61%
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    As low as US$1,798.50 Regular Price US$4,498.50 save 60%
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    As low as US$4,410.66 Regular Price US$7,498.50 save 41%
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    As low as US$1,011.00 Regular Price US$2,248.50 save 55%
  16. save 13%
    As low as US$9,748.50 Regular Price US$11,248.50 save 13%
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    As low as US$3,748.50 Regular Price US$7,498.50 save 50%
  18. save 50%
    As low as US$3,051.65 Regular Price US$6,148.50 save 50%
  19. save 43%
    As low as US$3,201.20 Regular Price US$5,623.50 save 43%
  20. save 58%
    As low as US$826.34 Regular Price US$1,948.50 save 58%
  21. save 63%
    As low as US$2,248.50 Regular Price US$5,998.50 save 63%
  22. save 59%
    As low as US$1,528.50 Regular Price US$3,748.50 save 59%
  23. save 54%
    As low as US$2,061.00 Regular Price US$4,498.50 save 54%

Choosing the right rug size

We've prepared a handy guide on selecting the best rug size for your room's layout.